A special player highlight section on brothers involved with Spooner Area Youth Hockey Association!

The Morales Family Mayhem 

Jesse Morales #14

  • 5th grade - Spooner Middle School
  • Squirts
  • Favorite thing - Skating fast feels like flying!
  • Started at 5 yrs old
  • Strength - He's super quick and a good stick handler.
  • Working on - being a leader
  • Fun fact - Jesse loves all competitive sports but his favorites are baseball, football and hockey!

Max Morales #13

  • 3rd grade - Spooner Elementary
  • Mites
  • Favorite thing - Messing around with his buddies.
  • Started at 4 years old.
  • Strength - Strong skater and good at shooting 
  • Working on - stick handling
  • Fun Fact - Max is amazingly creative and quite the inventor!

Morgan Morales #15

  • Kindergarten - Spooner Elementary
  • Mites
  • Favorite thing - Being goalie! He loves making saves!
  • Started at 4 years old.
  • Strength - He's fast and not afraid to get right in there with the big kids.
  • Working on hockey stops and goalie moves.
  • Fun fact - Morgan is shy at first but soon becomes a goof ball! 

The Adlers

Alex "Buster" Adler

  • 5th grade at Spooner Middle School
  • Squirts
  • Alex likes being aggressive.
  • Alex started playing hockey at 2 yrs old.
  • His strengths are Speed/Back- Checking
  • Alex is working on not icing the puck and making good break-out passes.
  • Alex enjoys collecting and trading sports cards, he has a 1962 Hank Aaron

Nick Adler

  • 8th grade at Spooner Middle School
  • Bantams 
  • What does the player like the most about playing hockey? - Playing with friends
  • When did the player start playing hockey? 2 yrs old
  • What are the player's strengths on the ice? Skating and shooting the puck
  • What is the player working on on the ice? Checking and puck handling
  • Other fun facts  - Nicholas is 6’2” tall and hopes to pass his dad by the end of the year. Nicholas is only 13 years old!

The Fox Boys!

Korbin Fox

  • Korbin is a 2nd grader at Spooner Elementary School
  • He is a Mite
  • Korbin loves skating fast after the puck
  • He was 4 years old when he started playing hockey
  • Korbin's strength is his speed on the ice
  • He is working on puck handling
  • Korbin can't wait to teach his younger brother Bodie the game of hockey!

Boden Fox - up and coming player to watch for!

"I wanna play hockey, mom!" Bodin was trying out skating while hanging out at the rink. 

The Larsons

Nolan and Dom Larson (they have a younger brother McGregor that will be joining them in the future!)

Nolen Larson, age 8, grade 2, Mites (St. Francis de Sales) & Dominik Larson, age 4, Pre-K, Mites

What do you like most about hockey?

  • Nolen- Running drills and stick handling practice, scoring goals, playing goalie
  • Dom-He doesn't like the drills but likes shooting the puck
  • Nolen's strengths- I'm a good skater, stick handler and good at lifting the puck
  • Dom-skating on one leg and turning
  • Nolen's working on- backwards crossovers and scoring on the squirts goalie
  • Dom is working on-carrying the puck, skating backwards and will full participation for a 4 y/o
  • Fun Facts
    • Nolen-learned to skate on a pond at 4 years old, he is number 9 this year in honor and memory of his Papa, Brian Clifford
    • Dom-played in his first mites game at 3, where he went over to the other teams bench and talked with them when he was supposed to be on a shift

Spooner Youth Hockey Association tries to keep costs low for everyone who wants to play hockey. Events like these help us provide FREE equipment - skates, helmets, pads - from Learn to Skate through Bantams! One of the ways we do this is through our monthly meat raffles.

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