Women and Hockey

Early this morning, while many of us were sleeping the USA Women's Hockey Team took the Gold (YouTube Video).

According to USA Hockey in 1998, the year that the USA Women's Hockey team won their first gold medal there were approximately 5,000 girls registered with USA Hockey. This year there are approximately 75,000 girls registered!

Check out Spooner Area Youth Hockey Association's Player Highlight - Abby Salo. Abby is one of the many women who play with SAYHA.

Player Highlight: Abby Salo

  • Players Name – Abby Salo
  • Players School Grade – 6th grade
  • School Player Attends - Spooner Middle School
  • What SAYHA team does player play for – Peewees
  • What does the player like the most about playing hockey? The aggressiveness of the game.
  • When did the player start playing hockey? 2nd grade (7 years old)
  • What are the player's strengths on the ice? Fast skater, aggressive player and determination.
  • What is the player working on on the ice? Different types of shots.
  • Any other fun facts about the player? Hockey is the only sport I play. I choose playing hockey with boys, because it’s more aggressive. I play defense.

Friday Night Family "Rat Rink  Hockey"  Continues

The ice is holding at the outdoor rink, so the season continues! Spooner Area Youth Hockey Association would like to formally invite skaters and their families out for "Rink Rat Hockey" on Friday night, February 23rd, 2018. 

What is Rink Rat Hockey you may ask? Rink Rat Hockey is an informal gathering of skaters, who come together to have fun, skate (lots of siblings use the lower rink to skate) and play hockey. This season SAYHA has hosted Friday Night Rink Rat Hockey by adding free hot chocolate and snacks. This Friday we will be cooking up Pizzas and the hot chocolate will be flowing.

Come on out with your family, enjoy the ice - pizza - hot chocolate - and get to know the SAYHA family!

  • February 23rd, 2018
  • Outdoor Ice Rink - College Street Spooner City Park
  • Pizza and Hot Chocolate Provided
  • 6pm - 8pm 

Come join SAYHA for the next Meat Raffle on March 3rd!

Spooner Area Youth Hockey Association – powered by DrydenWire – the official sponsor of SAYHA

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