Hockey Mom Hustle: Cortney Elliott

Read on to get a glimpse of being a hockey parent.

Hockey Mom Hustle: Cortney Elliott

The Spooner Area Youth Hockey Association's season is well underway. This year we are focusing on the Hockey Mom's and Dad's that make our programs run smoothly. Read on to get a glimpse of being a hockey parent.

This week's Hockey Mom features Cortney Elliott.

SAYHA: Who are you and who is your player?

Cortney Elliot, I have two players. One is in Mite 1 and one a second year Squirt.

SAYHA: What is your best memory of your kid/kids playing hockey?

The best memory I have from hockey so far is seeing the boys get off the ice smiling! Having fun is the most important part!

SAYHA: What is the best advice you can give another hockey parent?

The best hockey mom advice I’ve ever gotten is to just take it day by day and don’t be afraid to ask for help. The other parents and team members become like family.

SAYHA: What is a must have item in your rink bag?

My rink bag contains snacks, hockey tape, heat packs, blankets, stadium seat cushions, mittens, and when the littles come, crayons, tablets and toys.

SAYHA: How do you manage that hockey smell?

Oh boy, managing the hockey smell is a real struggle!! I’m not sure if we manage it of simply cover it the best we can. We have a hockey counter downstairs where everything lays out to dry nightly and while it’s out we Lysol or Febreeze it!

SAYHA: What time management advice can you share with us?

Is there such a thing as time management with 3 kids??? If there is I would love advice on that! We do the best we can, if we can’t all get out of the house on time one of us does practice/games and one of us stays home and that seems to be what works for our family.

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