Hockey Mom Hustle: Kate McKinney

Read on to get a glimpse of being a hockey parent.

Hockey Mom Hustle: Kate McKinney

The Spooner Area Youth Hockey Association's season is well underway. This year we are focusing on the Hockey Mom's and Dad's that make our programs run smoothly. Read on to get a glimpse of being a hockey parent.

This week's Hockey Mom features Kate McKinney.

SAYHA: Who are you and who are your players?

Kate McKinney and my player is Bentley McKinney #18 Mites II

SAYHA: What is your best memory of your kids playing hockey?

Bentley's first goal was pretty exciting and really fueled his passion for the game! I love watching him and his buddies having fun and making memories of their own!

SAYHA: What is the best advice you can give to another hockey parent?

Double check that you have all your hockey equipment before leaving for the rink and don't leave it in your car after a game/practice!

SAYHA: What is a must have item in your rink bag?

Popcorn money for Jay! (my younger son)

SAYHA: How do you manage that hockey smell?

Remove items from the bag right away and air it out. Wash things regularly.

SAYHA: What time management advice can you share with us?
Give yourself an extra 15 minutes...nothing ever goes as planned and those skates take longer to lace than you think!

Last Update: Feb 24, 2020 9:00 am CST

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