The Spooner Area Youth Hockey Association's season is well underway. This year we are focusing on the Hockey Mom's and Dad's that make our programs run smoothly. Read on to get a glimpse of being a hockey parent.

This week's Hockey Mom features Tate Nordback.

SAYHA: Who are you and who are your players?

TN: My name is Tate Nordback, I have Otto Nordback who is a Mite II and Corbin Nordback who is a Squirt Black.

SAYHA: What is your best memory of your kids playing hockey?

TN: Being that this is our first year doing this whole hockey excitement I would say watching them improve week to week is the best memory I have right now. Otto's excitement about every single practice, additional clinics and jamborees is contagious and Corbin's improvements each game are fun to watch!

SAYHA: What is the best advice you can give to another hockey parent?

TN: Be flexible, expect changes and enjoy every moment! Don't get worked up or stress about little things! Cheer on your kid(s)!

SAYHA: What is a must have item in your rink bag?

TN: Blanket, tape, snacks! :)

SAYHA: How do you manage that hockey smell?

TN: We don't have a terrible smell...yet! We dry everything out each night and wash things as much as possible!

SAYHA: What time management advice can you share with us?

TN: Meal prep for dinners during the week. Just go with the flow, you are a hockey parent, not perfect and that's ok! Your kids will not remember your being prepared for everything, they will remember you being there to watch them!

Last Update: Feb 06, 2020 5:21 pm CST

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