Hottest Wearable Fitness Tracker, MyZone MZ-3

MyZone rewards your effort, not your fitness level to help you achieve your fitness goals

Hottest Wearable Fitness Tracker, MyZone MZ-3

Home fitness is all the rage these days. As the owner of The Body Shop Fitness Centers, I have a love/hate relationship with home fitness. However, as a fitness professional, one of the main reasons I got into fitness was to help people no matter where they choose to do so. During these times, it is important to keep your personal health and well-being a priority and sometimes we need something to help hold us accountable. This is where the wearable MyZone MZ-3 fitness tracker comes in.

“MyZone is like having a workout buddy that shows up every day to hold me accountable! I have had different fitness trackers over the years and this one is my favorite! I love that myzone shows me how hard I am working, very accurate heart rate and calories burned. It makes me want to work harder and show up as the BEST version of myself!!” - Michelle

For months many may have noticed the pants or shirts getting a little snug (probably not the dryer setting) and maybe for some it’s dealing with higher stressors with our jobs, kids, and loved ones spending more hours at home than normal. No matter the reason(s) scientific data, testimonials, and personal experience shows that physical exercise is one of the best ways to help us with physical and mental health.

Personal health and fitness health is the bottom line even if it's not at The Body Shop Fitness Centers. So whether you are working out at home or in the gym, one of the best trackers I have found and that we have used at our fitness centers is the MyZone MZ-3 wearable fitness monitor.

Check out this 1:57 minute video of what MyZone can do for you to help you reach your fitness goals by your effort, not your fitness.

“MyZone is a great way to track your workouts, monitor your heart rate & motivate not only yourself, but others at the gym as well. A friendly competition with a fellow MyZone user during a class at the gym is an awesome way to burn a few more calories & give yourself the push you need to work a little harder.” Leslie

We have a limited supply of MyZone MZ-3 Fitness Monitors that will be available for purchase at a discounted rate for anyone that reads this article and can physically pick them up at The Body Shop Fitness Center in Spooner, WI located at 116 Vine Street.

MZ-3 monitor and belt normally run $89.99. The Body Shop Fitness Center will be offering them for $69.99 ($20.00 instant savings) on a first-come, first-served basis. With only having 6 left in stock at the time of publication of this article we do not know how long they will last.

Beware of used units on the market. When we asked MyZone representatives about these units they said they are not warrantied by MyZone as a used unit. New MZ-3 units from us will have full customer support and warranted for 1 year by MyZone.

Michelle Hodgkins has searched out this fitness program and brought it to our fitness center. She has spent hours learning the system and has helped many of our members set up their devices and answer their questions. If you have any questions please call her at 715-939-1163.

- Matt Dryden

Last Update: Dec 25, 2020 1:46 pm CST

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