Looking for a pet with sass?  We have the dog for you!   Shadow is a dark- brown five-year-old male chihuahua mix who is looking for someone who appreciates his multi-faceted personality. This fun little guy is a cuddler, yet can be shy with new people.  Shadow is great on a leash, likes toys, and loves to hang out with his people. He can be a bit bossy and protective, so a home with older kids and no other pets would be more relaxing.  In turn, Shadow promises to warn you of danger and give lots of kisses.  

HSBC has recently had an influx of stray adult dogs who they'd love to see go back home. All these dogs appear happy and healthy, but won't be available for adoption just yet to give their people a chance to reclaim them. View their photos on HSBC's Facebook page. If one of these is or might be yours, please contact the shelter. 

  • May 13:  Black lab mix, male. Found near CCC Rd. in Danbury.  A large guy who met with the business end of a porcupine. He's recovering now and waiting for his people. 
  • May 15: Golden Retriever mix, male. Main Dike Rd and County Rd. F in Grantsburg. A happy go lucky fellow with a collar with the name “Charlie” written on it. 
  • May 16: Yellow Lab mix, male. Found in the Village of Grantsburg. Handsome guy has been out and about since last November.  
  • May 16: Australian Shepherd mix, male. Found near Melvin Daniels Park, Hwy 35 near Gabriel Lake Rd. in Siren. White, black, and brown with medium length hair. Good boy with a great smile. 
  • May 17: Cattle dog mix, female. Found near Waldora Road in Siren. Sweet, short-haired girl, mostly black with gray ticking and a bit of brown.
  • May 19:  Black Lab mix, male. Found near North River and Bailey Rd., Union Township. Big, sweet, heavy-boned guy.

Want to make sure your furry friend returns to you?  Make sure their ID tags have the most current phone number.  If your dog or cat is microchipped, don't forget to update the company's database if you move or change phone numbers.  Call the shelter and let them know you're missing a pet. 

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