WASHBURN COUNTY -- In 2017, 74% of Washburn County’s two year olds had received the recommended childhood vaccines. Of the 39 children who did not receive the recommended vaccines, 11 were completely unvaccinated.

As of mid-October 2018, the amount of two year olds who had received the recommended childhood vaccines dropped to just 65% — 9% lower than the 2017 rates. Even worse, of the 58 children not up-to-date with their vaccines, 22 are completely unvaccinated – double the number in Washburn County last year.

The CDC has received 11 reported measles outbreaks and almost 2,000 reported mumps cases as of October 6, 2018. It is crucial that children are vaccinated to protect herd immunity. Herd immunity requires 80%-95% vaccine coverage depending on the disease – the WHO states 95% coverage is necessary for measles – and is essential to protect those who are unable to get vaccinated for legitimate medical reasons, such as allergies to vaccine ingredients, and to prevent outbreaks. 

For more information contact the Washburn County Health Dept. at 715-635-4400

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