Press Release

This is an update on the chemical exposure incident that occurred at Spooner Middle School on 11/10/2021. A number of students and staff members became ill and the school was evacuated as a result of this incident.

Environmental testing has been conducted in the school by multiple organizations. Out of an abundance of caution, industrial hygiene and occupational medicine reviews of data and reports have also been conducted. Reporting indicates:

  • Symptoms experienced by students and staff are consistent with a chemical exposure.
  • In particular, styrene is consistent with the dizziness, light headedness, nausea, shortness of breath and loss of consciousness that was experienced.
  • With proper airing out of the building, these chemicals are no longer present within the school building. We have been told that a single exposure such as this does not constitute a risk for long-term health effects.
  • The additional testing that was performed does not show the presence of any other harmful compounds.

Health & Safety professionals have indicated that it is safe to reopen the Spooner Middle School. The Spooner Fire Department has authorized students and staff members to go back into the school.

In-person learning for students in grades 5-8 will resume at Spooner Middle School tomorrow, 12/21/21. Out of an abundance of caution, environmental monitoring devices have been installed around the school building. Personnel will be onsite to conduct additional environmental monitoring tomorrow as well.

We thank everyone for their patience as the extensive health and safety work took place. We look forward to having students and staff members back at Spooner Middle School.

Last Update: Dec 20, 2021 2:48 pm CST

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