Sometimes, adults may think teens live in a carefree world, where they do not have bills to pay or anything to worry about. However, teens can, and do, face emotional hurts, challenges, and pains. Some of them may turn to alcohol and other drugs to deal with these feelings, along with other factors such as peer pressure and curiosity.

The use of alcohol and other drugs presents a source of problems among teens such as academic difficulties, health issues (mental health included), poor judgement, and law breaking linked to the involvement with the justice system. The ICAA WI Prevail team understands this!

With our Development and Prevention Services, our goals are to increase community collaboration, parental involvement, and neighborhood awareness of challenges faced by youth, and decrease youth alcohol, drugs, and vaping/e-cigarette use. Early prevention efforts will not only assist with closing these gaps, it may break the generational cycle of involvement in the system that many youths and their families have experienced.

We are always available for questions, concerns, thoughts, and comments. We are just a phone call or message away. For more information, message us on our WI Prevail Facebook page, send us an email at, visit us at, or call 715-532-4222 (ask for Prevention).

Last Update: Feb 23, 2021 11:13 am CST

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