If the parking lot in front of the Rice Lake landmark, Bargain Bills, is any indication, they must be going out of business. Vehicles have been parking right out to the street because there are so many.

Hand-written signs outside the building say everything is fifty percent off and “Bill” himself says he's selling everything right out to the walls.

Even the shelving is for sale.

But oddly enough, everything else is fifty percent off, but not the Christmas decorations.

“Bill,” really a man named Rick Collins, is a hard guy to chase down and an even harder guy to interview. But a few quick words garnered this information between bites of pastry.

When he started the business in downtown Rice Lake he couldn't find a catchy name that rhymed with Rick, so he named the place Bargain Bills instead.

He won't say yes, and he won't say no that he's closing, or what he plans to do next, retire or open something else or if he plans to sell the buildings, but he does say he's very happy.

He also said there will be three semi-trucks coming in a week or two loaded with sleeping bags.

Now you know as much as anyone else.

They're open from 10:00a to 5:00p and stuff is going fast.

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