BURNETT COUNTY -- Bella is a five-year-old, 60 pound, black and grey-ticked hound mix who is peppy and enthusiastic. She’s been through a lot of changes lately and lacks confidence in her ability to judge situations, but is willing to try. After all, the bigger the dog the softer the heart! Her dream home would have her as an only dog, and she’s a bit intimidated by cats.

Bella has shared a home with children in the past, and would make a great family dog where her loved ones are always near.  She will need some work in house manners, however, Bella finds tasty rewards a great motivator. A patient, mellow leader to teach her about the world would allow Bella to flourish. If you’d be willing to guide this beautiful girl into the sweet, friendly, loving dog she wants to be, contact HSBC for more information. 

Sheltering animals is much more than just feeding and cleaning up after them while they wait for their owner to reclaim them or for a new family to welcome them into a forever home. Both cats and dogs need love, attention, and activity to stay healthy in both body and spirit while hanging out at the shelter. 

Did you know it takes an average of 15 minutes to provide basic daily feeding and cleaning for one animal housed at an animal shelter? HSBC currently has 15 animals; that’s four hours a day of basic care. That doesn’t include laundry, medical, enrichment, life skills/socialization time, grounds upkeep, maintenance, paperwork, working with visitors, etc.

 This is where having a vibrant volunteer program comes in. Volunteers are the lifeblood of any animal shelter. They help to do more than merely provide the basics; they allow shelters to truly provide for all of the needs of the waiting animals.

Shelter volunteers do a variety of things. Some use their skills in general maintenance. They help out in the office, take appealing photos of the animals and write stories to increase awareness and interest, shovel snow, or crush donated cans. Some volunteers do more hands-on work, spending time socializing dogs and cats through grooming, petting, and playing. Others walk the dogs or help them become better citizens through training. 

All the things volunteers do at the shelter not only help make the animals’ lives more pleasant, but they also allow the staff to focus on the basic tasks of sheltering. The shelter is always in need of reliable, responsible volunteers. Volunteers are given a list of qualifications, expectations, and basic rules for working on shelter grounds, a basic orientation, and training in the desired area of work. 

HSBC would love to put your time and talents to use! Contact them to see how you can help them in their mission to provide a safe haven for stray and unwanted animals and foster the human-animal bond. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

There are still a few days left to help HSBC reach their goal of collecting $5000 in the month of March. Visit our website to access the donation link.

It’s not too late to drop off silent auction donations for the Bark and Wag on April 28. Looking for ideas? How about a relaxing tea basket with teacups and an assortment of tea and cookies? How about a movie night assortment of popcorn, seasonings, candy, and a classic DVD? Gently used and new baskets and new items are welcome, too! 

HSBC information

  • 7347 Midtown Road, Siren, WI 54872.
  • Telephone: 715-866-4096.
  • Email hsbc@centurytel.net.
  • Website: www.hsburnettcty.org.
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/humanesocietyburnettcounty. 
  • Public hours: Tuesday - Friday, noon -5 p.m. or Saturday 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.

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