BURNETT COUNTY -- Jacqueline O. Baasch has announced her candidacy for Burnett County Clerk of Court in the November election. She is the first to announce she is running for the position.

Baasch has been employed by Burnett County for 25 years, with 22 years working in the court system.

Baasch serves as Burnett County Register in Probate and Juvenile Clerk, a position she has held for 10 years, having been appointed to serve by Judge Melissia R. Mogen and by former Judges Kenneth L. Kutz and Michael J. Gableman.

Prior to being Register in Probate and Juvenile Clerk, Baasch was a legal secretary for the Corporation Counsel and a Child Support Specialist in the Child Support Office for 12 years, and a secretary for the Department of Social Services for two years, nine months.

Baasch, known to some locally by her maiden name of “Jackie Taylor,” was born and raised in Burnett County. She attended Webster Schools from Kindergarten through graduation from Webster High School in 1984. She attended WITC-New Richmond where she graduated in 1987 with a diploma in word processing.

After graduation, Baasch was employed by West Publishing in St. Paul until she returned to Burnett County in 1991 to raise her family. She has been married to Gregg Baasch, a Marshfield native who is a self-employed carpenter, for 29 years.

They reside near Hertel, where they have lived since building their home in 1994. The couple has two adult children, Thaddeus, a U.S. Army Sergeant, and Meghan, a Polk County social worker.

Baasch said, “I have 22 years of experience in the Burnett County Court system. I do my best to run my current office with compassion and integrity, in a timely and efficient manner. I would strive to continue this as Clerk of Court.

“I have a great working relationship with my co-workers. My plan as a supervisor would be to manage the office to work as a team with the ultimate goal of serving the Judge and the public as efficiently as possible, employing the same compassion and integrity I bring to my current position.

“Oftentimes the people who contact the courts are in an emotional, stressful and unfamiliar situation. The clerk may be the first person they interact with in the court system, seeking information on how to navigate it.

"The people of Burnett County have been very fortunate to have Clerk of Court Trudy Schmidt for many years. Trudy serves the public with empathy and patience, always willing to listen to try to help. This is something I would continue if elected to serve Burnett County as the next Clerk of Court.”

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