Recently, Sawyer County Sheriff, Doug Mrotek, raised alarm bells about an unsolved murder in Sawyer County. This murder occurred in 2021 and many months after submitting evidence to be analyzed by the Department of Justice’s crime lab, the analysis has still not been returned to the Sheriff.

In a conversation with Republican candidate for Attorney General, Adam Jarchow, the Sheriff made it clear that the backlog at Kaul’s crime lab is holding up the murder investigation. The sheriff pointed out that an arrest warrant cannot be issued without this vital evidence.

Check out the video below for more information.

In response, Jarchow said: “Josh Kaul has failed in every way possible as Attorney General. From fanning the flames of the Kenosha riots, to placing a target on the back of our brave men and women in law enforcement with his irresponsible rhetoric to his failure to analyze critical evidence in a timely manner, Josh Kaul’s record is an abysmal failure. Wisconsin deserves better.”

Adam Jarchow is running for Attorney General to Make Wisconsin Safe Again. An experienced attorney and businessman, Adam knows how to get results. Adam previously served in the Legislature. During that time, he voted in favor of nearly 100 bills supported by law enforcement. As Attorney General, Adam will back the badge and fix the mess Josh Kaul has made at the Department of Justice.

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Last Update: May 11, 2022 10:31 am CDT

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