Wisconsin Rep. Adam Jarchow (R-Balsam Lake) sent a letter to the Chairman and Supervisors of the Burnett County Board tonight, June 13, 2018, regarding the recent events at Whitetail Wilderness and how the situation was handled.

Jarchow states that the handling of the "minor issues at Whitetail Wilderness was nothing short of an epic failure by Burnett County at all levels and a breach of accountability to the people."

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Editor's Note: Rep. Jarchow's letter to the Chairman and Supervisors of the Burnett County Board can viewed below:

Dear Chairman Taylor:

"This morning, I was able to spend a couple hours touring the Whitetail Wilderness campground. Whitetail Wilderness is an absolutely gorgeous campground and I am perplexed why it could be the target of such an egregious government response. Upon viewing the sites that allegedly had “black water” issues, I was stunned to find absolutely no evidence of black water discharge or leaking black water. I understand some pipes may not have been properly connected, however these were clearly remedied by PVC glue in about a minute’s time. It is shocking to think something so insignificant could lead county officials to believe a small tourist business of the community for the past 25 years should cease operations indefinitely.

"Handling of the minor issues at Whitetail Wilderness is nothing short of an epic failure by Burnett County at all levels and a breach of accountability to the people. This ineptitude is plain to see. For example, the statute cited within the closure notice to the campground does not even have a provision allowing for closure of facilities. Regardless, the same statute does require basic procedural steps that the county disregarded entirely – allowing 30 days’ notice upon finding an infraction and an opportunity to abate. This entire situation was a shocking violation of civil liberties and it must be addressed. Severe discipline, including appropriate termination of county officials, is warranted after this situation. No American should have to deal with such reprehensible action and tactics from any government that represents them.

"I greatly appreciate the interest some of the Burnett County Board Supervisors took in the Whitetail Wilderness campground upon finding out about the disturbing situation which took place there. However, merely re-opening the campground is not enough. The county owes Mike and Jean Waltzing, the owners of Whitetail Wilderness, a formal apology. Through the actions of county officials, the Waltzings were harassed, seasonal campers who call the campground home were evicted, and Whitetail Wilderness’s reputation was wrongly interfered with.

"Although there are certainly those within the county who are appalled by the government overreach that occurred at Whitetail Wilderness, the blame for the treatment of the Waltzings and their campers lies solely on the Burnett County government. The Waltzings are owed an apology and a promise that the county will not act so brashly in the future. Burnett County needs to publicly own up to its wrongful interference with Whitetail Wilderness campground and apologize for its actions. I hope you, and the rest of the Board, will personally reach out to the Waltzings in order to understand the severe, negative impact this episode has had on them and their business."

Sincerely, Adam Jarchow

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