Comprehensive Pump Repairs 

Jeremy Beecroft Well Drilling can design and install your water well pumping system. Pumps must be installed and serviced by licensed installers. It is not a job that any person should do without proper training and experience, and certification.

Benefits of Our Pump Services

  • We have a large number of pumps and related supplies in our warehouse to serve your immediate needs
  • Our service trucks are well stocked so when we get to your property, we are prepared to handle any unknown situation
  • All trucks are modern, clean, and equipped with telephone communication with our office.
  • Our warranty on products and services is the best in the industry
  • All records of installation and service are kept on file for future reference
  • We are qualified to complete the installation from the well to the house, this includes trenching, plumbing and wiring

Submersible Pump Information

The efficiency of a water supply system depends almost entirely on proper selection and installation of the well pumping system. To select the proper pump for an installation, it is necessary to know the well conditions and the discharge capacity and pressure required. 

Facts that need to be known when sizing a pumping system are, well depth, static or standing water level, draw down water levels or pumping levels, and the estimated yield in gallons per minute. At what depth the water bearing aquifer was encountered is also very important as well as the distance to the point of use from the well and surface elevations between the well and point of use. 

Submersible pumps are the most frequently used pumps because they deliver greater volumes of water and pressures that are required to meet the needs of residential, commercial, industrial and irrigation applications. 

A submersible pump is an entire pump assembly including the electric motor. They are made of stainless steel and brass. The pump is submerged under the water level in the well; the water is delivered by pushing the water out of the well through a pipe that is attached to the pump. 

The motor is attached to the bottom of the pump and is powered by electricity, usually 230 volts, by a wire that is attached to the pump motor from the surface and attached to the pump pipe in the well by strapping every 10 to 20 feet. 

Submersible pumps are the most reliable and trouble-free pumps that will provide an abundant supply of water. They are very efficient, and if installed properly will last 15 to 20 years or longer. A lot depends on the well conditions and the way the pump is used.

Exceptional Well Drilling Services

When you need a new well, Jeremy Beecroft Well Drilling is happy to help with site selection and advice or assist you in preparing the site to accommodate the drilling equipment for your well in relation to your plans for the building site and septic location. 

We can also assist you in determining your desired gallons per minute, ranging from standard pump systems to the constant pressure setups. We provide top quality 5" and larger PVC wells. The benefits of PVC are the water stays fresher! No rust, no scale and no corrosion! Steel wells are also available.

Existing Well Upgrades

Many times your existing well can be repaired or upgraded depending upon your location and situation. We service all drilled wells 4" and larger and all aspects of the well itself, including the pump, tank, and controls. We pride ourselves on performing all services in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

Water Testing for Optimal Performance

If looking to have yearly maintenance done to your well this is the place to start. We can test your water for coliform bacteria, nitrates, arsenic, and lead. Our technician can run some test on your well to determine the gallons per minute production, if the pump is running good and adjust the pressure. 

We take the time to look over the controls and pressure tank to ensure it is not leaking and give you a "status report" on your well. This is not mandatory but an option if you, as a homeowner are interested.

Unused Well Services

Upon selling or renovating your home, you may find there is an old well on the property. All unused wells must be sealed. We can assist you in sealing these old wells permanently and providing the sealing record upon completion.