Friends and Neighbors, For those of you who don't know me I would like to introduce myself, and share with you a little about who I am. My name is Jimmy Allen. In 1953 I was born in Wichita Kansas to two loving parents Roger and Jennette Allen. My father was a Presbyterian minister and my mother, a home economics teacher. By 1960 we had moved to Albert Lea, MN where I spent the rest of my adolescent years. After high school I moved to St. Paul MN to attend College and majored in art and design, playing in bands and learning about the entertainment and promotion industry on the way. By the early 1980's I had opened an extremely successful Event Planning and Entertainment Promotion Company, working with Top 100 and Fortune 500 companies in the United States creating corporate promotion experiences that could not be beat by my top competitors. I owned and operated that business for 22 years. By the early 2000's I had moved on from the event planning business. I opened an antique store in Forest Lake MN and dealt antiques at the largest trade shows in the United States. I Later retired from Lifetouch Photography after winning 3 national photography awards and working 11 years with them. My wife Linda of 32 years and I, have spent the last 6 years living in the beautiful City of St. Croix Falls WI. A city like no other, St. Croix Falls just about has it all. Great People, Rivers, Lakes, Parks, Trails, Nearby Resorts and Entertainment. Weather you are enjoying the trails, hitting the slopes at the nearby resorts or just enjoying dinner and a cocktail at the One of the great restaurants. St. Croix Falls is the place to Live, Work, Stay and Play! But there is a few things I see that i think the city is lacking, and that is a plan for the future, and proper direction by the local city government. I believe the city lacks a vision and by lacking a vision the city sits at a stand still. I see massive amounts of main street businesses as they sit empty. The city streets, sidewalks and curbs are crumbling. Our property taxes keep climbing along with the water and sewer bills and the city infrastructure doesn't seem to get updated or fixed, other than "band aids" to buy the city time before it gets fixed properly. As a citizen of the city I am disappointed when I see negotiations, decisions and projects such as the Civic Auditorium and others take many years to negotiate and complete because of the lack of leadership and direction within the city government. St. Croix Falls needs real leadership, real direction, and a real vision to keep it moving forward in the right direction we need a city government that is united and represents the citizens of St. Croix Falls in an logical and effective way and that's why I am very pleased to announce that I will be asking for your vote to be elected Mayor of St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin on April 7th 2020 so that together we can help move the city forward and make St. Croix Falls as good as it can possibly be.

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