It’s that time of year - when new insurance plans roll out, deductibles start over and the fear of out of pocket expenses can make anything medical related seem a little scary to the consumer.   

Waiting to address your pain and issues to save on medical bills may just end up costing you more.  If you are seen closer to the onset of your pain, it is likely that you will have significantly fewer Physical Therapy visits than if you wait to address your pain. In general, the longer you wait to treat pain, the longer it takes to get it better.  The longer you have any sort of impairment, the longer your body has to compensate and change because of that impairment.   So not only are you having to address the impairment, but you also need to address the compensations that happened over time.  That leads to more visits over a longer period of time, resulting in a higher bill.  Not to mention the savings you could see by potentially avoiding additional physician visits, imaging (MRI, etc.), injections or surgeries.

When it comes to insurance coverage, we take care of verifying your eligibility and benefits, including: 

  • Coinsurance or copay
  • deductible,
  • benefits cap,
  • where to send the claim,
  • whether the payer requires specialized forms or additional documentation, and
  • whether the payer requires authorization. Some payers will retroactively authorize services, but for those that don’t, you need authorization before you begin providing services.

A list of accepted insurances can be found on our website or call for insurance inquiries – we’re here to help!  (715) 635-3979.

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