Former republican gubernatorial candidate Jonathan Wichmann, who secured several influential endorsements from past political leaders, announced on February 17th that he would be shifting his campaign to focus instead on a run for Lieutenant Governor.

With a crowded gubernatorial race, Wichmann did not want to splinter a vote in the primary election. He believes his best option for effectuating change is as the Lieutenant Governor: “I am looking to achieve a decisive victory to remove the old guard that has been holding Wisconsin back and to bring all of us back to the Constitution and freedom.”

Wichmann has been at the forefront of the fight against lockdowns, mask mandates, and forced vaccinations. He remains steadfast in his belief that major changes must happen in Wisconsin, including unseating Governor Tony Evers.

As an advocate for economic prosperity and for protecting individuals’ rights and freedoms, Wichmann will continue to be a legislative watchdog and man of the people. “From the beginning of my campaign, everything I have done so far has been for we the people and the betterment of Wisconsin. I fought to protect our rights as best I could and to encourage people to peacefully not comply with the illegal mandates. Together we made a stand for freedom and we will continue to do so.”

Previously, Wichmann received multiple endorsements, including Retired US Army Lt. General Flynn and Captain Seth Keshel.

Last Update: Mar 03, 2022 4:23 pm CST

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