BURNETT COUNTY -- On the evening of July, 21st law enforcement was dispatched to the area of Skog Road and West River Road in the far south west corner of Grantsburg Township for a report of a male subject who was crawling through a yard on his hands and knees and acting strangely. The male was also punching and kicking the air and talking to himself and appeared to be high on on meth.

One Burnett County Deputy was dispatched to the scene and he requested mutual aid from a Wisconsin Conservation Warden who was luckily in the area. A search was conducted, but the suspect was not located.

The first deputy was joined by another deputy who then responded to back up a US Forest Service Ranger at Raspberry Landing with an unrelated drug case.

The deputies cleared from that call and responded to Grantsburg's Watercross for a security detail, but were called back to the area of Skog Road because the same male subject had just entered a pole barn without permission. A family reunion was taking place in the pole barn and the male subject startled the people by barging in. The male subject said someone was "chasing him" and he asked if could "hide out" the building.

Law enforcement was dispatched, but the male subject ran off in to the woods before they arrived. Deputies arrived on scene and set up a perimeter until K-9 "Tracker" and his handler could arrive.

A search of the area was conducted and Tracker located the male subject hiding in the woods approximately 3/4 of a mile from the pole barn. The male subject was arrested for an outstanding warrant and was charged with obstructing justice and disorderly conduct. The name of the subject has not been released because of another pending investigation.

Per Burnett County Sheriff's Office

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