Barron County

Welcome the newest member of the Barron County Sheriff's Department, Deputy K9 Jasper. Deputy Ryan Hulback and K9 Jasper graduated on May 25th from an extensive 14-week training academy from the St. Paul Police Department K9 Unit. K9 Jasper is an 18-month-old Belgian Malinois / German Shepherd mix from Poland.

K9 Jasper is a very social yet highly driven dual-purpose police K9 who will be utilized for narcotic detection and patrol work, which includes officer protection, criminal search / apprehension, tracking / search & rescue situations, obedience, and evidence detection.

K9 Jasper and Deptuy Hulback will participate in several K9 demonstrations and events in the near future if you would like the opportunity to meet K9 Jasper. Thank you for supporting the Barron County Sheriff's Department K9 Unit.

A special thanks to his family as well for putting up with him being gone for so long, we appreciate it!

Polk County

Deputy Josh Eckes graduated from the St Paul K9 program on May 25, 2023, with K9 Bane. Bane is a German Shepard and Belgian Malinois mix. The Prestigious St Paul K9 training program is a 14-week course. Deputy Eckes and Bane will immediately start patrolling and keeping our community safe. Congratulations to Deputy Eckes and Bane.

Sawyer County

On May 25th, the administration from the Sawyer County Sheriff's Office along with K9 handler Deputy Nelson and members from the Sawyer County K9 Foundation traveled to the graduation of K9 handler Deputy Schick and K9 Maverick in Minnesota.

K9 Maverick and Deputy Schick have spent the past 4 months training together in multiple facets of K9 work. K9 Maverick is a Dutch Shephard who is a dual purpose K9 for drug detection and apprehension.

Deputy Schick and K9 Maverick will be working together on patrol in the near future protecting and serving the citizens of Sawyer County. Please welcome K9 Maverick to the Sawyer County Sheriff's Office!

Last Update: May 26, 2023 1:00 pm CDT

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