Effective January 3, 2022, all Kwik Trip stores’ fuel pumps will be turned to prepay or pay-at-the-pump only, according to a spokesperson for Kwik Trip to DrydenWire.com. The exception is for side-diesel islands, these fueling positions will continue to have the pay-inside option.

“We are moving to prepay to improve our Guest Service,” said the spokesperson, adding “our coworkers spend so much time watching the fuel islands for drive-offs, they can’t focus solely on the guests in the stores. Guests can still use all previously accepted methods of payments - including cash or check - to prepay for fuel inside the store; or use their debit/credit/gift card to pay at the pump.”

Kwik Trip says that their team is “optimistic that this decision will improve our overall experience for the guest.”

On a side, yet similar note, the spokesperson said that “gift cards are a great way to prepay for fuel as they avoid any pre-authorization fees and the guest will be charged for the specific amount pumped right away.”

Last Update: Dec 03, 2021 10:20 am CST

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