(WRN) -- More information about court cases would be listed on the state’s online records system, under a bill being proposed in the Legislature.

The Circuit Court Access system – commonly referred to as CCAP – currently shows information about charges that have been filed, court dates, and if someone was convicted. State Senator Dave Craig (R-Town of Vernon) believes it should show more though about the types of sentences judges are handing down.

Craig has introduced legislation that would require CCAP records to also show whether a plea was reached in the case and what kind of sentence was handed down – a move he believes would lead to more accountability for how judges handle cases. “It’s high time for the public to have a better picture as to whether or not they’re getting the best bang for the buck out of the process,” he says.

Craig argues it’s something the public doesn’t usually see, but he believes they should know how criminal offenses are being treated in their local courts. “It’s about a crime that’s been charged and what ends up actually resulting from that charge,” he says. “Is there a plea bargain that’s made, are there light sentences that are given out.”

The bill has not yet been scheduled for a public hearing.

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