Letter To The Editor: 'Message For Mud Ducks'

"Before you land on a beautiful piece of property complete with a small pond and build your ultimate nest, please be advised"

Letter To The Editor: 'Message For Mud Ducks'


I recently learned Mud Ducks are Minnesotans who moved to Wisconsin and did not return. So, as an Osceola Mud Duck of seven years I have a message for all future muddy waterfowl.

You are no doubt attracted to the scenic St. Croix River Valley and the picturesque approach as you fly across the Interstate 243 Bridge.

However, before you land on a beautiful piece of property complete with a small pond and build your ultimate nest, please be advised:

  • You are entering America’s Dairyland State — We have plenty of cows that produce a shiftload of manure and yes, methane gas. If you don’t like that smell, keep flying until you hit Milwaukee where the smell from the Miller Brewing Company may better suit you.
  • Wisconsinites are proud contributors to the U.S. agricultural industry.
    • We are a vital link to the country’s food supply.
    • We do the work many city-folk don’t enjoy.
    • We don’t work from home. Our work is already home.
    • We are qualified stewards of the land we work and the water we drink. No polluters allowed.  
  • Osceola is unique in that it has a historic downtown Village and adjacent industrial park that allows Mud Ducks to WALK (less flight time) with:
    • Shopping
    • Food & Drink
    • Entertainment
    • And, much needed socialization opportunities
  • Village of Osceola is unfortunately located on WI-35
    • Traffic is a reality AND a sign of prosperity. If you want less traffic, noise, congestion, keep flying.
    • Old historic buildings should be preserved, but be prepared to spend a portion of your nest egg if you choose to buy one.
    • We don’t want or need building owners who simply collect rent (“slum lords”).
    • Oh, and those trucks driving by carry sand and trap rock as we are also in the business of supplying industry with a vital natural resource which is here in abundance.

If you have any questions as a current or potential Mud Duck, I would be happy to help you get some answers . . . or perspective. You may be interested to know I heard a local, second-generation resident and elected leader say (with a slight speech impediment), “That Bernie D. is the biggest Mudder Ducker, I’ve ever encountered.”

So, I’m proud to help you find a place in our wonderful western Wisconsin community located just 45 miles from the Twin Cities.

Bernie Desmarais

Osceola Township

Last Update: Jul 10, 2020 12:48 pm CDT

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