WASHBURN COUNTY — When Adam Wabrowetz thought about starting his own farm, he wanted it to produce healthy, flavorful beef options for consumers, use regenerative farming practices, and encompass family values while being rooted in the community and surrounding areas. Now, Sawyer Creek Cattle Company located in Shell Lake, Wisconsin is doing all of these and more with the thought process “From our farm to your family” with their farm-to-table operations highlighting premium, all-natural grass-fed Red Angus beef for sale. For Sawyer Creek Cattle, the idea of knowing where your food is coming from, who is processing it, and getting it fresh is a big factor especially during recent supply chain issues that have arisen and kept rural areas from receiving food products. Sawyer Creek Cattle prides itself on being a local, small business offering quality products.

Sawyer Creek Cattle’s farm-to-table process utilizes regenerative farming under their business model. In fact, their website reflects their perspective that regenerative agriculture allows farmers to work alongside nature to support harmony using managed grazing and pasturing along with other sustainable practices to help strengthen ecosystems and promote biodiversity.

“A few years ago, someone asked us why we were starting a business that has proven so many times to be a challenge in becoming successful? I could write a book about this, but the short answer is...because it's something worthwhile. We only have a limited amount of time to make a positive difference in the people we meet and the animals we care for. Through regenerative agriculture, we can do that and more. We take pride in knowing that we are helping improve our land, the water in our streams and rivers and the air we breathe. We take extra time to ensure our cattle are given the best care and have the best pasture to graze. Rotational grazing has become an art and a science, and anyone wanting to learn more can reach out to us. It's a great way to raise cattle and live as stewards of the land we have,” stated Adam Wabrowetz, Co-owner of Sawyer Creek Cattle.

Sawyer Creek is extremely excited to let the community know that aside from the farm, they are also opening a store onsite at the farm located at W8578 County Hwy. B, Shell Lake, WI - 3 miles west of Shell Lake on B. The store is slated to open in mid-July to serve the farm-to-table needs of our community and area. There will also be a “family day” at the farm later this summer. For now, celebrate Christmas in July at our store opening by coming to see “Dominick the Christmas Donkey” at the farm. You can watch and listen to the song Dominick was named after on YouTube here.

Sawyer Creek has items on sale for the Fourth of July weekend through July 4. Don’t forget you can now place orders online at SawyerCreekCattle.com

Last Update: Jul 01, 2022 7:40 am CDT

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