SPOONER, WI — International Hearing Society (IHS) held it’s 68th Annual Convention, Expo, and Awards Gala in Nashville, TN, where they awarded local Hearing Instrument Specialist, Samantha Sikorski, of Sikorski Hearing Aid Center, Inc. with the Outstanding Professional Member award.

This award is given to a person who has made the most significant contributions to the advancement of the International Hearing Societies values and goals; which includes, advancing a mutual respect among hearing healthcare professionals, advancing professional qualifications and standards in the hearing aid dispensing field, and educating the public about the professionals role.

Todd Beyer, IHS President, nominated Samantha Sikorski for this prestigious award. In his nomination, President Beyer states, “Samantha’s level of dedication and compassion exhibited during her 16 years of practice is probably unequaled. Always maintaining professionalism and ethics has been her reputation since the very beginning of her career.” Further, he states, “her talents extend far beyond fitting hearing aids. She is an accomplished entrepreneur, educator, and team player who leads by example.”

Samantha serves on IHS’s International Institute for Hearing Instrument Sciences, the educational arm of the society, and serves as the Managed Care and Compliance Committee’s Chair. Samantha is also active in leadership at the state-level, where she is an officer of the Wisconsin Alliance of Hearing Professionals, serving as the Secretary, Treasurer and chair of the conference committee.

“Samantha is exactly the type of member this award was meant to recognize,” said President Beyer.

The International Hearing Society (IHS) is a membership association that represents hearing healthcare professionals worldwide. IHS members are engaged in the practice of testing human hearing and selecting, fitting and dispensing hearing instruments and counseling patients. Founded in 1951, the Society continues to recognize the need for promoting and maintaining the highest possible standards for its members in the best interests of the hearing impaired it serves.

As the membership organization for thousands of independent specialists, IHS conducts programs in competency accreditation, education and training and encourages specialty-level certification for its members.

Sikorski Hearing Aid Center, Inc. is a privately-owned hearing healthcare practice with locations in Spooner and Cumberland, Wisconsin. The owner, Samantha Sikorski, serves as Secretary/Treasurer of the Wisconsin Alliance of Hearing Professionals. She also serves as the Chair of the Managed Care and Compliance Committee for the International Hearing Society, serves as a committee member of the educational arm of the International Hearing Society – IIHIS, and co-owns a CRM company founded to help hearing healthcare professionals across the United States develop and grow their independent practices.

The organization, currently known as the Wisconsin Alliance of Hearing Professionals, was established in 1967. It is a professional organization of, by, and for Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists. The membership consists of 88 active professionals dedicated to providing the highest level of hearing healthcare to the communities they serve by increasing public awareness of hearing wellness, hearing impairment and assistive technology.

Last Update: Sep 24, 2019 1:18 pm CDT

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