Letter to the Editor

by Jamie R. Edwards

Rural Schools, Rural Hospitals, Rural Family Budgets; Quinn Works For All Of Us

As a mother of five, and a local nurse practitioner, I support Romaine Quinn for Assembly both personally and professionally.

When you have 5 kids, you quickly learn how to stretch a dollar.  And this fall, Romaine Quinn was a big help.  When the state had a budget surplus, Romaine voted to give a $100 child tax rebate, which helped over 550,000 families like mine.  $500 was helpful for some towards groceries, daycare, and other bills associated with having children. We bought school supplies and clothing.  In total, $94 million was placed directly back into the pockets of families all across Wisconsin.

On top of everyday bills, sending your kids to school today is much different than the past.  The fancy backpacks, new clothes, and expensive calculators all add up.  Fortunately, Romaine also voted for a sales tax holiday on office and back to school supplies, which saved my family money.  Besides helping family budgets, Romaine also voted to give more resources to our local public schools.  The Barron School district, where my children attend, received an additional $850,000 in support.  That is real money!

As I mentioned before, I am a nurse practitioner.  Before moving back home to Barron from Baldwin, I had to do some of my clinical work in the cities.  With a growing family, I would have loved to work on my education closer to home, but there weren’t any opportunities.  Just last year, Romaine Quinn passed a grant program to help rural hospitals train advanced healthcare professionals.  Learning and practicing in rural hospitals makes it more likely that someone will take a position and stay. This will be a huge opportunity for future practitioners and rural hospitals alike.  My Barron roots kept me from taking a job in the cities, but for others, doing clinicals in a rural hospital may be their only exposure to practicing in areas like ours.

Whether it’s helping my family budget, our local school budget, or the budgets of our rural hospitals -- Romaine Quinn is an assemblyman that works for our entire district.  I hope you join me in voting for him on November 6th.

Authorized and Paid for by Quinn for Assembly

Romaine Robert Quinn is a lifelong resident of the 75th Assembly District. If you'd like to know more about Romaine and his campaign, check out his official websitefacebook page, or email him directly at quinnforassembly@gmail.com.

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