SPOONER, WI -- Over 100 friends and families showed up at the Tommy G. Thompson Spooner Fish Hatchery on Saturday for the Adopt A Musky event.

Attendees got to choose fish for adoption and received a Certificate of Adoption to take home. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) fish research teams regularly check the Chippewa Flowage fish populations. They identify the fish by scanning for their PIT tags, then measure them to see how much they’ve grown.

PIT tags are tiny devices that are inserted into the fish prior to release. With the proper scanning device, information about particular fish can be viewed and tracked.

The fish that were adopted October 19 at the Hatchery were later released in the Chippewa Flowage. If caught, each fish can be followed during its lifetime. Information about the re-captured fish is then posted on the FISH website at spoonerhatchery.com.

The event was sponsored by the Friends Into Spooner Hatchery and the Governor Tommy G. Thompson Fish Hatchery in Spooner.

Last Update: Oct 21, 2019 11:02 am CDT

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