Come to find out, after running a stop sign you can't get out of the ticket because you were looking at your cell phone, according to a Facebook post from Chisago County Sheriff's Office today:

Male: "I saw no stop sign"
Deputy: "Apparently. You didn't stop"
Male: "I was looking at my phone and didn't see any stop signs, so you can't give me a ticket"
Deputy: "I'll be right back...."

The Sheriff's Office post went on to say that: "Yes this happened and no, that's not how it works."

One of our favorite stories we have ever heard from a Law Enforcement Officer was about a year ago when they said that they had pulled over a driver after observing the vehicle "swerving all over the road."  The LEO said that the female driver stated that she had not been drinking (even before he had asked) and that when asked whey she was swerving, the driver stated: "I dropped my beer and it was spilling all over the floor so I had to bend over to pick it up." 

Why Law Enforcement officers don't write a book about the craziest things they have ever heard/seen is just baffling; instant best-seller.

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