On 04-24-18 at 11:13 PM deputies from Burnett County Sheriff's Office were dispatched to the intersection of STH 35 and 26 Lake Road in Swiss Township for a one-vehicle crash.

The driver of the vehicle was identified as Andrew Sutton. Sutton told law enforcement that he thought he ran someone over before crashing. Sutton displayed signs of intoxication.

The Saint Croix Tribal Police, Danbury Fire, and EMS were called to the scene to assist with a search for a victim. A search was conducted and no victim was located.

The Burnett County Sheriffs Office and The Saint Croix Tribal Police Department conducted a joint investigation by sharing the responsibilities of investigating the OWI, vehicle crash, and subsequent ground search. On scene, an investigation proved that Sutton's vehicle had not struck any person or object before crashing into the ditch.

The skid marks prior to impacting the ditch were 340 feet long. Sutton was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and was transported to Burnett Medical Center for a blood draw.

During the blood draw, Sutton spit in the face of a Grantsburg Police Officer who had been summoned to assist.

Sutton was charged with OWI 2nd and for discharging bodily fluids at a public safety worker, which is a felony. Sutton is currently on probation in Minnesota and P&P placed a hold on him pending extradition.

A big THANK YOU to all first responders who assisted with this call for service!

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