EAU CLAIRE, Wis. -- (DrydenWire.com) -- Charges have been filed against an Eau Claire, WI, man for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman at the Oakwood Mall.

The Eau Claire Police Department was dispatched to the Oakwood Mall on December 28, 2021, for a report that a sexual assault had just taken place about half an hour prior. Officers spoke with an adult female who stated that she had just been sexually assaulted and she wanted to tell the Officers about what happened and about the events leading up to the assault.

The woman told Officers that in March of 2020 she was attending college and in need of money. She stated that someone named “Alexander Ameras” on social media added her as a friend; she did not know the person but could see that they had mutual friends. A few days later, this person contacted her, asking for topless photos in exchange for $1,000.

After first refusing, the woman stated that she reconsidered because she really needed money. The person using the name of “Alexander Ameras” didn’t talk to the woman again for a few weeks, when they contacted her, thanking her for the photographs and requesting more. The woman refused, and then the person stated that they would release the photos to the woman’s acquaintances, work, school, and the internet in general if she did not send more photos.

The woman then cooperated and according to the criminal complaint filed against Allen, the woman stated that this pattern continued until December 2021. The demands would include requirements such as what articles of clothing should be removed and how the woman should pose. The criminal complaint states that the woman had saved a screenshot from a video chat, which showed the person was a male.

In December 2021, the woman received a request from the man to meet in person. She refused, but then he offered $40,000 if he could see her naked in person. She was told that he would then pay her and delete all the photos in her presence so that she could see they were deleted. The woman told officers that she really wanted the photos to be deleted so she agreed to meet him at the Oakwood Mall near the family bathrooms.

The woman brought three people with her as she was afraid of getting kidnapped. The criminal complaint states that the woman entered the bathroom alone first and locked the door behind her. After the man promised that he would only look at her and not touch her, she allowed him into the bathroom, positioning herself near the door. The woman also had pepper spray and told the man that she would spray him if touched her.

The criminal complaint states that the woman disrobed while in the bathroom, after which the man displayed that he was armed with a handgun and then advanced towards the woman, pinning her against the wall. The man allegedly then proceeded to assault the woman, physically and sexually. Shoving her into a metal towel dispenser, pushing her down to the floor, and forcing her to engage in sexual activity.

After finishing, the man washed his hands and then left the bathroom. The woman gave her cell phone to law enforcement, and the Chippewa Valley Computer Forensics Laboratory was able to retrieve multiple pieces of data from social media accounts that confirmed statements provided by the woman and also allowed law enforcement to identify the male subject as David J. Allen, of Eau Claire, WI.

Allen was taken into custody, and interviewed by law enforcement. According to the criminal complaint, Allen made numerous statements during the interview including, “Whatever was said makes me seem like a big scary thing;” “I don’t feel like I have done like anything horribly mean and abusive to somebody;” “I don’t feel like I have done anything scary;” and, “it feels like something got blown way out and it needs to be addressed and sorted out.”


Charges filed against Allen include Class B Felony First Degree Sexual Assault, with a conviction enhancer for Lifetime Supervision of Sex Offenders; Class H Felony False Imprisonment, Use of a Dangerous Weapon; Class I Felony Threatening to Communicate Derogatory Information; Misdemeanor Battery, Use of a Dangerous Weapon; and Misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct, Use of a Dangerous Weapon.

Online circuit court records show that Allen appeared in Court while in custody on January 4, 2022, regarding the charges filed against him. The State requested a $40,000 cash bond citing the seriousness of the offense, and stating that Allen is a flight risk. The Court ordered a $10,000 cash bond, which was posted that same day.

Conditions of the bond will prohibit Allen from having any contact with the victim, or with Oakwood Mall; having any presence on social media, or any use of the internet except for school employment & legal defense purposes.

Allen is scheduled to appear again in February 2022.

Pursuant to the direction of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, as found in Supreme Court Rule 20:3.6, Trial Publicly, you are advised that a charge is merely an accusation and that a defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

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