BARRON COUNTY -- The Court has sentenced a man for a conviction on charges filed against him following a fight that occurred next to a trailer park in Comstock, WI in May 2021.

DrydenWire published a post on May 26, 2021, stating that Michael Jacker was facing criminal charges following law enforcement’s investigation into a fight that occurred next to a trail park in Comstock, WI. A criminal complaint filed against Jacker stated that at one point during the fight he brandished a handgun and fired it into the air.

Witnesses told law enforcement that Jacker and the others involved in the fight were members of two different motorcycle clubs, the Creeg’s Hammer Club and the Distant Knight’s Club. Earlier in the night, members of the Creeg’s Hammer Club had ridden past a residence of a Distant Knight’s Club member, and some witnesses stated they believed this may have led to the fight.

Jacker admitted to having a loaded 9mm handgun with him in Comstock. Residents of the trailer park told law enforcement that they heard a gunshot and a spent shell casing was found on the scene, according to the criminal complaint.

Charges of Class G Felony 2nd-Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety, and Misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct, Use of a Dangerous Weapon were filed against Jacker.

Online circuit court records show that Jacker appeared for a hearing on October 1, 2021 and pleaded Guilty to his charge of Misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct, Use of a Dangerous Weapon. The remaining charge against Jacker was dismissed but read in. The Court accepted Jacker’s plea, found him guilty, and ordered that he pay a fine of $500 as well as court costs and fees.

Last Update: Oct 08, 2021 7:59 am CDT

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