SAWYER COUNTY -- (DrydenWire) -- Van Kirk Loren Fairbanks, of Ojibwa, WI, has changed his plea and been sentenced on charges that were filed against him following a December 2021 incident during which Fairbanks struck and injured a person with his vehicle while he was intoxicated.

The Sawyer County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched on December 20,  2021, to a crash on County Highway G in Ojibwa Township in the area of the Wannigan Bar. Deputies located a truck in the south ditch but did not find anyone in the truck at that time. A witness spoke to a Deputy at the scene and said that a lot of yelling had been heard and then a white SUV-type vehicle had been seen driving away from the truck that was in the ditch. The white SUV entered the Wannigan Bar parking lot, did several “donuts”, then left traveling westbound on County Highway G.

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Last Update: Oct 14, 2022 8:28 am CDT

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