BARRON COUNTY -- The Court has sentenced a Turtle Lake, WI man on charges of being armed while intoxicated in an April 2020 incident.

DrydenWire published a press release from the Barron County Sheriff’s Office in April 2020 regarding an incident that initiated as a welfare check on a male subject. When a Deputy responded to the residence, gunshots were heard coming from the residence.

The Barron/Rusk Emergency Response Team was called to the scene as well as officers from the Turtle Lake, Cumberland and Barron Police Departments. During this time approximately 12 more shots were heard outside the residence.

Ultimately a man, later identified as Thomas Levasseur, came to the entrance of the residence holding a firearm. Levasseur was taken into custody without further incident and transported for medical attention prior to being held on pending criminal charges.

Charges of Misdemeanor Operate Firearm While Intoxicated were filed against Levasseur. Online circuit court records show that Levasseur appeared for a hearing on January 7, 202, and the Court accepted his plea of Guilty to his charge.

The Court ordered Levasseur to write a letter of apology to the law enforcement community within 10 days; submit a DNA sample; and pay fees and costs of over $400 within 60 days.

Last Update: Jan 15, 2021 2:43 am CST

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