POLK COUNTY -- The Court has sentenced a Balsam Lake, WI man on a conviction of 5th offense Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) in Polk County Circuit Court stemming from a single-vehicle crash that occurred in December 2019.

DrydenWire reported in December 2019, that Erick Bloom, of Balsam Lake, WI, was facing charges of 5th Offense OWI following a single-vehicle crash that led to his arrest.

Bloom told law enforcement that he had been traveling home and swerved to avoid a deer, resulting in the crash. He also said that he had consumed several beverages containing brandy prior to the crash and results of an intoximeter test indicated that Bloom had a breath alcohol concentration of .21.

Charges of Class G Felony 5th Offense OWI; Class G Felony Operate With Prohibited Alcohol Concentration; and Misdemeanor Operate While Revoked were filed against Bloom.

Online circuit court records show that at a hearing on February 18, 2021, the Court accepted Bloom’s plea of guilty to his charge of 5th Offense OWI. The remaining charges were dismissed, with the misdemeanor charge of Operate While Revoked being read in for consideration in sentencing.

The Court ordered a 3 year withheld sentence for Bloom with 3 years of probation. Bloom also received 1 year of conditional jail time with 6 months to be served in the Polk County Jail, subject to good time & work release and 6 months to be banked for use by probation, according to online court records. Bloom received credit for 3 days served.

Conditions of probation will require Bloom to complete an alcohol and other drug assessment. Bloom’s license is to be revoked for 3 years. Prior to obtaining an occupational license or reinstating his license, he will be required to install an ignition interlock device on all vehicles registered in his name and keep them installed for 3 years.

Bloom paid nearly $2,000 in fines, costs, and fees, according to online court records.

Last Update: Feb 23, 2021 7:32 am CST

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