(WRN) -- An increase in the state gasoline tax just can’t gain any traction, according to Marquette Law School Poll director Charles Franklin. “People still don’t want to raise the gas tax,” Franklin said Wednesday. The percentage of poll respondents who favor keeping the state tax on gas where it is has actually increased since the last poll in January, to 57 percent. Governor Tony Evers has proposed an increase of nearly 9 cents a gallon to fund state roads and highways.

The majority of those polled support Evers’ plans to legalize marijuana, increase state aid for special education, accept federal funds to expand Medicaid coverage and increase the state minimum wage.

Evers’ spokeswoman Melissa Baldauff issued a statement in response to the poll results. “The latest Marquette Law poll confirms what we already know — the governor has been listening to Wisconsinites and has proposed a budget that reflects the will of the people. We’re ready to work together to pass The People’s Budget so we can expand Medicaid, legalize medical marijuana, invest in K-12 education, improve water quality and public safety, and address our infrastructure needs. These aren’t Democratic values or Republican values, they are Wisconsin values, and a majority of Wisconsinites agree.”

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Last Update: Apr 11, 2019 7:22 am CDT

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