During his over thirty years as a journalist for several major newspapers in Chicago, Mike Rokyo's column became the reason many people bought the paper.

His column, "Mary and Joe, Chicago Style," was the exception in his normal routine, that of conceiving and finishing each column in one day.

This one he started in 1963 and didn't like it. He tinkered with it in 1964, still didn't like it, and tried again in both 1965 and 1966. Finally, he put it in the paper in 1967 still not satisfied that it worked. He was wrong. It drew such a remarkable response that it was read from pulpits, tacked onto bulletin boards, and published around the country in magazines, newsletters, books, and other newspapers. His publisher, the Chicago Daily News, received thousands of requests for copies.

We would like to share this December 19, 1967 column with you in the Spirit of Christmas.

You can read the column republished from the Chicago Tribune here.

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