It was in 2006 that Bob Otto bought Sather’s Jewelry store in Spooner at 126 Walnut St. A few changes were made, but things remained pretty much the same; that is until a month or two ago.

Jay Eutzler, a Master Jeweler & Goldsmith moved up from Alabama to join the Sather team, bringing thirty years experience of working in the jewelry industry with him.

“My dad had a jewelry store in Pearl, Mississippi and my brother and I grew up in the business.” Jay had always liked taking things apart and seeing what made them tick and the jewelry business appealed to him so much that he attended four different schools to learn design, manufacturing and repair and now he’s brought his passion to Spooner. The connection was easy to make seeing Jay’s father Jim, a friend of Bob Otto’s, came north to help Bob open the business and now it’s Jim’s son who’s brought his skills north.

During his years as a jeweler, Jay’s seen and worked with many stones and metals, and hands down, his favorite stone is the hardest stone on earth, the diamond. Most people don’t realize that diamonds come in a variety of colors including the browns,(now marketed as ‘chocolate’), yellows, greens, and even red.

The metal he respects most is platinum; also the most expensive, due to its comparative rarity. “It’s an incredible metal,” he says. “It’s denser than both gold and silver and heavier. Now that I have a laser, it’s easier for me to work with it seeing it’s so strong. You never have to worry that it will wear with age, and wear out for that matter, making it a perfect metal for heirloom pieces.”

Wanting a change in his life, he’s left Mobile, Alabama for the Northwood’s and is looking forward to winter. He’s seen snow, but not for the duration of the three or four months it covers everything in this area.

Already a hunter and a fisherman, he’s looking forward to ice fishing and buying a snowmobile and making friends with winter.

Jay is in every day during business hours, Monday through Friday from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm and Saturday’s from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm.

He repairs jewelry of all kinds, gives appraisals, and has the experience to help design special pieces. 

If he hadn’t of been interested in jewelry so early in life, he thinks that maybe he would have been drawn to aviation. Happily for Sather’s it ended up this way. 

Got questions? 715-635-2418

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