As of this past June, there has been a family with four children that have moved into Spooner area.

Dea (Dee-uh) is a graduate of Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee, WI and a Le Cordon Bleu pastry graduate of  Pasadena, California.

David has been a Lutheran pastor for twenty-one years working under the banner of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS).

Two of their children, their oldest sons to be exact, are both currently in the Air Force. Another son is a senior in high school, and their only daughter is a high school freshman this year, both of whom are also looking to the military as their careers.

Even though David was born and raised in Arizona and lived in California, he's already seen his share of snow and also lived through it. While in Seminary in Mequon, Wisconsin, near Milwaukee, there was 107 inches of snow one year.

Dea noted that after David accepted the church's call to ministry, they visited Spooner this past April between two big snowstorms, so they have a good idea what they're in for this winter.

Dea started out her career teaching school. She taught third and fourth-grade students for ten years. In 2010 she pursued a complete change, and that's when she decided to sharpen her baking skills by attending the best school there is that teaches elite cooking; Le Cordon Bleu, in California. She chose California because it was closest even though there were schools in Minnesota, Chicago, Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, and Paris.

The average price for this fifteen-month school is almost $20,000.

But by the time she graduated, she had an intimate knowledge of bread, desserts, chocolates, candy and Dea's favorite, plated desserts. After finishing the course, she worked in the Pacific Palisades, a coastal neighborhood Northwest of Los Angeles that catered to all the rich and famous and beautiful people in the surrounding affluent neighborhoods, designing several of her own signature desserts.

This is where her forte became cake design and specialty desserts.

Soon she opened her own catering business calling it Just the Rite Bite and did private catering and menu creations.

When Pastor Gene Jahnke retired after serving at Beautiful Savior for twelve years, David was chosen as next pastor, providing he wanted the position. The congregation has approximately 140 people, and located in the church is also the Little Lambs pre-school. They said yes to the call and have four months already under their belts in their new town and church.

Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church has services each Sunday, one at 9:30a followed by an 11a Bible study for the adults and Sunday School for the pre-kindergarten through high school. Every Wednesday evening there is a Bible study at 6:30p and on Thursday it's at 10a.

Since arriving in the area, Pastor David has visited almost everyone in the congregation and asked two questions;  “What do we need to keep and what needs to be changed?” with the understanding that the Word of God is the one thing we would not change.

For the past twenty-seven years, there have only been four pastors that have led this church, and Pastor David is up to the challenge for some possible changes and challenges. He is an amateur woodworker, jack of all trades kind of guy and is looking forward to the outdoor opportunities the North Woods offers.  

Dea, already an experienced pastry chef/artist and an avid crocheter, has her eye on learning to quilt in order to help the church ladies with their beautiful creations they produce every year. Meanwhile, she's employed by the Spooner Bake Shoppe on Walnut Street.

Both David and Dea Warskow invite you to attend a service at their church located on Highway 70 and Highway 53 east of Spooner. You will be most welcome. For more information about the church, you can visit the website @

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