As part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Embrace is offering their very first "Mending Broken Hearts" support group next week. 

Embrace staff were trained as facilitators in this nationally-recognized curriculum last spring in Missoula, Montana. 

The goal of the program is to develop the capacity to heal from unresolved grief and losses created by historical and intergenerational trauma. The sessions teach skills in healing, resiliency and coping which have been learned from Native American leaders in their process of successful healing from genocide, boarding schools and colonialism. These techniques are extremely cross-applicable to the intergenerational cycle of violence survivors face. 

The location for this group is the beautiful Bannockburn property in Exeland, WI, which has several calming and relaxing sites perfectly designed for discussion and healing. The three-day session will run from 8am-5pm, October 17th through the 19th. Transportation assistance is available, and lunch will be provided. Due to the nature of the program, we do require a full, three-day commitment for interested participants.

The Mending Broken Hearts program curriculum is a product of White Bison, Inc. White Bison offers wellness/wellbriety learning resources to the Native American/Alaska Native community nationwide. Many non-Native people also use White Bison's healing resource products, attend its learning circles, and volunteer their services. 

For more information, or to register for the program please call 715.532.6976

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