SPOONER -- Lakeland Family Resource Center is delighted to invite you to Meth 2.0 - on Thursday May 24th at 6PM as we continue the discussion on methamphetamine in our area. 

In February, Dennis Stuart, presented to the community, an overview of meth and how it impacts us all.  Since then, many residents asked us to take this further and do another presentation on the important topic.

Please join as we listen to testimonials from recovering addicts, engage in a conversation about treatment and mental health in our area, find out how Washburn County Health and Human services can help meet individual and community goals and hear from providers who care for these individuals once they get out of jail or treatment.

This event will begin at 6PM and be held at Lakeland Family Resource Center – 819 Ash Street Spooner, WI.  If you have any questions, please call 715-635-4669.  This event is Sponsored by Lakeland Family Resource Center and NorthLakes Clinics.

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