Diane's Kitchen, presented by The Body Shop Fitness Centers, is not a cooking show but a 30-minute video podcast in our kitchen with people of interest hosted by Diane Dryden. “We’ll drink coffee and discuss what's going on in the neighborhood.”

This Week's Guest

Robby Olson, a member of the American Racing Pigeon Union, is the fascinating guest on Diane's Kitchen this week. Even though the Union was established in 1910, it's still growing strong one hundred and ten years later with chapters in every state. Be amazed by facts like the birds not only mate for life, but after laying two eggs, the male sits on them during the day while the female takes the night shift. When the eggs hatch, both the male and the female “nurse” the newborns with milk. It's thirty quick minutes of mind-boggling information about the art of professional pigeon racing.

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Last Update: Jun 15, 2020 6:43 am CDT

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