(DrydenWire.com) -- The Republican Party of Minnesota has filed a lawsuit in Minnesota Supreme Court against the City of Minneapolis Administrator of Elections and the Hennepin County Elections Manager alleging violations of Minnesota Elections Laws.

The lawsuit states that under Minnesota Statutes the counting of absentee ballots ‘shall be public’.

Members of the Republican Party arrived at the Minneapolis Convention Center to observe the ballot counting process on October 22, 2020, however city employees stated the process was to be shut down at noon and would not resume until October 26, 2020.

When questioned by the observers, a city employee allegedly stated that the counting process had been “too efficient” and “too many ballots” had been “processed”.

Observers were also told that the counted ballots were to be scanned into the ballot machines over the weekend. No public visitors would be allowed at the Center but could watch via a YouTube live stream.

The lawsuit goes on to state that the camera for the live stream faces away from the scanning machines and city employees advised the camera would not be turned around. The City of Minneapolis also would not be supplying a second laptop to show the ballots being scanned.

Observers who watched the YouTube live stream allegedly witnessed some of the election judges for Hennepin County violating Minnesota election laws which specify the steps that must be taken for each ballot. Officials also allegedly were failing to check signatures on absentee ballots.

The lawsuit alleges 3 counts of Violation of Minnesota Election Laws and the Petitioners ask the Court to declare that the state and local governments must take all necessary steps to fully comply with all statutorily mandated procedures to ensure fairness to the absentee voter and all eligible voters in the State of Minnesota.

The Petition Pursuant to Minn. Stat. Sec. 204B.44 for Order to Show Cause may be read in its entirety here (PDF).

The Declaration of Cheryl Nyquist may be read in its entirety here (PDF).

The Declaration of William Willingham may be read in its entirety here (PDF).

Last Update: Oct 28, 2020 11:13 am CDT

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