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2022 Election Forecast

Welcome to FiveThirtyEight’s 2022 midterm forecast! We’ve got a bit of a split diagnosis in this election: Republicans are favored to win the House, while the Senate is a toss-up. How can this be?

Well, the national environment doesn’t look good for Democrats, which is why we expect Republicans to make gains in the House — even though those gains might not be historic. But in the Senate, candidate quality matters a lot more, and this could prove to be a silver lining for Democrats. It’s a similar story in the 36 races for governor.

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Next Post-Roe Battlefield: Online Abortion Information

Conservative activists, having won their goal of being able to criminalize abortion, are now aiming to limit or ban online information-sharing on the topic.

In the wake of the Supreme Court's Dobbs ruling overturning Roe V. Wade, tech platforms are already struggling to moderate abortion-related content and fight misinformation around the topic.

Those seeking to share information online about abortion, whether it's about the procedure itself or where to legally access it, will be in the crosshairs of restrictive state laws and changing social media policies.

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The Metaverse In 2040

Hype? Hope? Hell? Maybe all three. Experts are split about the likely evolution of a truly immersive “metaverse.” They expect that augmented- and mixed-reality enhancements will become more useful in people’s daily lives. Many worry that current online problems may be magnified if Web3 development is led by those who built today’s dominant web platforms.

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Supreme Court Limits Biden's Power To Cut Emissions

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has lost some of its power to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The landmark ruling by the US Supreme Court represents a major setback to President Joe Biden's climate plans. He called it a "devastating decision" but said it would not undermine his effort to tackle the climate crisis.

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Fox News Poll: Pride In US Down Significantly

National pride is down, with majorities of Republicans and independents and nearly half of Democrats feeling dissatisfied with their country, according to the latest Fox News survey.

The poll, released Thursday, asks registered voters, "are you proud of the country today," to which just 39% say "yes." That is down 12 points from June 2017 (the last time the question was asked) and 30 points since June 2011.

While the question has only been asked four times, this marks the first time a majority feels disappointed in the country:  56% aren’t proud, up from 45% in 2017 and 28% in 2011.

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Wisconsin Headlines

Wisconsin's Conservative High Court Hands GOP Another Weapon

Wisconsin's conservative-controlled Supreme Court handed Republicans their newest weapon to weaken any Democratic governors in the battleground state, ruling this week that political appointees don't have to leave their posts until the Senate confirms their successor.

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Assembly Republicans Call On Evers To Use $10M In Federal Funds For Pregnancy Resource Centers

Assembly Republicans are requesting Gov. Tony Evers provide $10 million in federal funds for pregnancy resource centers aiming to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

In a letter yesterday, 38 Republicans — including Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke — called for finding common ground.

“As people who are proudly pro-life, we do not condone the killing of innocent babies. Nearly half of Wisconsin citizens also have this belief, but being pro-life is more than just being against abortion; it also means providing the necessary resources, guidance, and support for expectant mothers,” they write.

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Wisconsin Leaders Weigh In On Supreme Court's Decision To Rule Against The EPA

The Supreme Court's ruling against the Environmental Protection Agency led to celebrations and at the same time, raised concerns in Wisconsin.

The Supreme Court overruled the EPA's ability to regulate emissions from plants that contribute to climate change. Instead, that would be up to Congress to decide.

Rick Esenberg, President of Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, argues emissions of greenhouse gases cannot be decided by "unelected bureaucrats."

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La Crosse Man Sentenced To More Than 12 Years For Possessing Child Pornography

Jeremy Hogenkamp, 45, of La Crosse, Wisconsin, was sentenced today by U.S. District Judge William M. Conley to 12 ½ years in prison for possessing child pornography. This term of imprisonment will be followed by 25 years of supervised release. Hogenkamp pleaded guilty to this charge on March 8, 2022.

In September 2021, the La Crosse Police Department received a Cybertip regarding images uploaded into a Google Cloud account. Based on the information provided in the Cybertip, a search warrant was obtained for Hogenkamp’s home.

Agents executed the search warrant on October 6, 2021, and found two flip phones in the house. A short time later, the police dispatch center received an anonymous call that Hogenkamp had a laptop at his place of employment. After an initial search at the workplace was unsuccessful, officers received another anonymous call saying they did not look in the right spot. Officers went back to Hogenkamp’s workplace and found a black tote near his work area containing a laptop and a cell phone. Hogenkamp admitted there would be “bad stuff with kids” on the laptop.

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Tiffany Introduces Legislation to Rename Two Local Post Offices After American Heroes

Congressman Tom Tiffany (WI-07), alongside the entire Wisconsin delegation, introduced two pieces of legislation to pay homage to the legacy, patriotism, and sacrifice of three local veterans by renaming the United States Post Offices in New Richmond and Neillsville in their honor. Ahead of the July 4th holiday, these two bills, H.R. 8217 and H.R. 8218, pay tribute to Captain Harmon, Private Peirson, and Corporal Red Cloud, who courageously made the ultimate sacrifice serving our country during World War II and the Korean War.  

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