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Biden Once Vowed To Make Saudi Arabia A ‘Pariah.’ His Visit This Week Has Activists Feeling Betrayed

As President Joe Biden defended his plans to visit Saudi Arabia, a country he once vowed to make an international “pariah,” Saudis who have fought to reform the absolute monarchy called the trip a betrayal that could have devastating consequences.

“We feel betrayed,” Abdullah Alaoudh, a U.S.-based leader of the National Assembly Party, an opposition group, told NBC News in a phone interview Monday. “We were promised to be protected from MBS,” he said, referring to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

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Biden, Under Pressure From Own Party, Fires Back As 2024 Questions Persist

As a slew of historic challenges pile up on Joe Biden's presidency, he faces increasing dissatisfaction from within his own party and questions about his electability just months before crucial midterm elections.

Historic, global inflation and high gas prices have driven his popularity to lows that could threaten Democrats' chances of retaining control of Congress this fall.

Amid calls from activists for Biden to show more urgency on issues such as abortion and gun reform, the White House has fired back, calling those who want more action on abortion "out of step."

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Ivana Trump, First Wife Of Former President Trump, Has Died

Ivana Trump, the first wife of former President Trump and mother of three of his children, has died, her son Eric Trump posted on Instagram and the former president posted on Truth Social on Thursday. She was 73.

The New York Police Department confirmed Ivana Trump was found dead in her New York City apartment. The medical examiner will determine the cause of death, police said.

Ivana Trump was the mother of Ivanka, Eric and Donald Trump, Jr., all of whom have played key roles in their father's political life.

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Gas Stations' Long Decline

The number of gas stations has been in steady decline for decades, and the volatility in gas prices — along with the rising popularity of electric vehicles — will squeeze them even further.

President Biden is accusing gas stations of profiteering from high oil price, and at least four California cities have banned new stations. But most gas stations aren't owned by big multinational corporations, and the ups and downs of fuel prices is likely cutting into many of their bottom lines.

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Why Biden’s Inflation Message Is Out Of Touch With Americans

President Biden’s message downplaying the latest inflation numbers is out-of-touch, according to experts who warn that his remarks make the administration appear unrelatable to most Americans.

Annual inflation hit 9.1 percent in June, the highest rate of price growth since November 1981, despite recent interest rate hikes from the Federal Reserve. Consumer prices rose 1.3 percent last month alone, driving up the costs Americans face to get groceries and fill up their gas tanks.

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Wisconsin Headlines

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Rebecca Kleefisch Raises $3.6 Million In 6 Months

Republican gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Kleefisch on Thursday reported raising more than $3.6 million over the first six months of the year as she competes with self-funder Tim Michels, who has spent millions on television ads that almost immediately put him in a tight race for the nomination.

Michels, who is endorsed by Donald Trump and co-owns the state's largest construction company Michels Corp., had not yet filed his fundraising report that is due Friday. A third candidate, state Rep. Tim Ramthun, has also not filed.

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Assembly Speaker Vos Rebukes Trump's Claim That He's 'Doing Nothing' About SCOWIS Dropbox Decision

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is rebuking a claim former President Donald Trump made on his social media platform regarding the speaker's response to the state supreme court's decision on drop boxes.

“As I've said before, I applaud the Supreme Court’s decision on drop boxes. I agree with President Trump that it was a courageous decision," Vos' statement said. "But, as I've also said, as have so many other legal scholars, there is no way to reclaim electors and overturn the election."

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Wisconsin Elections Commission Administrator: Voters Must Mail Their Own Absentee Ballots

Wisconsin's chief election administrator said July 14 that Wisconsin voters must place their own absentee ballots in the mail and can't have someone do it for them, adding to confusion over whether elderly and disabled people would be breaking the law if they receive help.

Wisconsin Elections Commission Administrator Meagan Wolfe's remarks came after the state Supreme Court issued a decision July 8 outlawing absentee ballot drop boxes. The justices ruled that only the voter can return an absentee ballot to local clerks in person.

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Siblings Sentenced For Trafficking Methamphetamine From Arizona To Wisconsin

Douglas Mack, 45, Phoenix, Arizona, and Emily Mack, 36, Madison, Wisconsin were sentenced this week by U.S. District Judge William M. Conley. Douglas Mack was sentenced yesterday to 132 months in federal prison for his leadership role in the conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine. He pleaded guilty to that charge on March 30, 2022. Emily Mack was sentenced today to 60 months for possessing more than 50 grams of methamphetamine for distribution. She pleaded guilty to that charge on April 5, 2022. Douglas Mack and Emily Mack are brother and sister.

The Macks were charged in January 2021 in a multiple-count indictment with conspiring with each other and with Tonia Greenwood and D’Angelo Lashore to distribute and possess with intent to distribute methamphetamine. Douglas Mack supplied the others with over 4.5 kilograms of methamphetamine between November 2018 and January 2021, that he mailed from Arizona to Emily Mack and Lashore in Madison and Greenwood in Sauk County. Emily Mack received over 4.5 kilograms during this time period, some of which she distributed in the Madison area and some she used herself.

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Wisconsin Secretary Of State Outraised By GOP Opponent

Wisconsin’s longtime Democratic secretary of state said Thursday he’s not worried about a Republican opponent outraising him more than 6-to-1, saying he’s not soliciting donations because he doesn’t believe in “big-money spending.”

Wisconsin's secretary of state has been a sleepy position for decades, devoid of nearly any official responsibilities, but Republicans running this year want to give it election duties currently held by a bipartisan commission. Doug La Follette, the 82-year-old Democratic incumbent since 1983, opposes giving the office oversight of elections.

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