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Biden Administration Overrules Trump Policy On Palestinians

The Biden administration announced a dramatic yet partial reversal of Donald Trump’s closure of the consulate to the Palestinians in Jerusalem by opening a "U.S. Office of Palestinian Affairs" in the city.

Biden’s move is viewed by some as rewarding the Palestinian leadership after a wave of terrorism during which two Palestinians wielding an ax and knife murdered three Israelis in the town of Elad in May.

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The Five Most Dramatic Moments From The Jan. 6 Hearing

The first televised hearing of the House Select Committee investigating Jan. 6 took place Thursday evening. The testimony was powerful and often raw.

The event, carried live on most broadcast networks and cable news channels, lasted almost two hours.

Here are five of the most dramatic moments. 

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Iran Removing 27 U.N. Cameras Monitoring Nuclear Activity In Possible 'Fatal Blow' To Reviving Deal

The U.N. atomic watchdog agency said Thursday that Iran has begun removing 27 cameras monitoring its nuclear activity, a move that could prevent international inspectors from gaining a clear picture of Tehran’s uranium enrichment work.

The action could deal a potentially “fatal blow” to efforts to revive a 2015 nuclear deal that was designed to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons

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Wells Fargo Under Criminal Investigation For Hiring Practices

Federal prosecutors in Manhattan have started a criminal investigation into Wells Fargo to determine whether the nation’s third largest bank’s hiring practices broke the law, a source briefed on the investigation confirmed to ABC News.

The criminal investigation follows a report last month in The New York Times, in which current and former employees said they were told by superiors to interview women and people of color even though the hiring decision had already been made.

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All Smartphones Must Use The Same Charger By 2024 Says EU, UK Will Not Follow

The European Union (EU) has officially decided to adopt a universal mobile phone charging cable for all new smartphones, with the decision being USB-C. This means Apple will have to make the switch from their own Lightning Port to USB-C, which most other phone manufacturers currently use, by autumn 2024 in a decision the EU claims will benefit consumers. 

Not only will smartphones be included in the bill, but so will all portable electronic devices, including tablets, cameras, and handheld consoles. However, the UK is not considering making the same decision at this time.

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Wisconsin Headlines

8 Charged In Connection To Capitol Attacks From Wisc., Green Bay Man Brags He Beat Officers

The list of people from Wisconsin charged in the January 6 attacks on the US Capital have grown by two in recent months. Now a total of eight men are facing charges for their roles in the riot.

In just the last few months, two new people have been arrested by the FBI and are facing charges. One of the most recent cases involves a man who admitted to beating police officers during the attack.

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Update: Officer Involved Critical Incident Investigation In Oconto County, Wis.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) is investigating an officer involved critical incident (OICI) in the Township of Oconto, Wis. that occurred on the afternoon of Wednesday, June 8, 2022.

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California Man Sentenced To 5 Years For Laundering $5.1 Million

Sinval De Oliveira, 49, Torrance, California was sentenced yesterday by U.S. District Judge William M. Conley to 5 years in federal prison for his role in a money laundering conspiracy. De Oliveira pleaded guilty to the offense on March 4, 2022. Money laundering is a crime that involves using financial transactions that are designed to conceal the true source, location, or ownership of proceeds derived from other crimes.

In November and December 2020, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, together with local law enforcement, investigated a series of thefts by fraud involving individuals who used false pretenses to convince employees of businesses to collect and deliver the businesses’ cash-on-hand to individuals who were supposedly legitimate money couriers. Businesses large and small were targeted in the scheme and the loss to date is approximately $300,000.

On December 2, 2020, De Oliveira flew to Milwaukee where he picked up $242,980 in fraud proceeds from co-defendants Moises Amezcua-Cardenas and Mario Amezcua-Cardenas. After he picked up the money, De Oliveira used a series of smaller ATM transactions at various Milwaukee area banks to deposit the cash into a funnel bank account. He used ATM transactions to avoid having to go into a bank and show identification. The bank account where De Oliveira deposited the money was held in the name of a Florida business but had no legitimate business purpose other than to collect cash from illicit activities. Once deposited, the fraud proceeds from Wisconsin were transferred to another funnel bank account and then eventually sent overseas. De Oliveira received a commission for the money he laundered.

Judge Conley found that the Wisconsin financial transactions were part of a much larger pattern of nation-wide money laundering activity undertaken by De Oliveira, concluding that the defendant laundered more than $5.1 million in illicit proceeds from various unlawful activities in just the five months surrounding the Wisconsin transactions.

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Madison Man Charged with Drug & Gun Crimes

The indictment charges Michael S. Murphy, 47, with two counts of distributing heroin and fentanyl, one count of distributing heroin, possessing heroin and fentanyl and crack cocaine with intent to distribute, being a felon in possession of firearms and ammunition, and possessing firearms in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime.

The indictment alleges that Murphy distributed a mixture of heroin and fentanyl on October 5 and 13, 2021, distributed heroin on November 30, 2021, and possessed a mixture of heroin and fentanyl as well as crack cocaine for distribution on December 5, 2021.  The indictment further alleges that on December 5, 2021, Murphy possessed two 9mm handguns and a .45 caliber handgun, and 9mm, .45 caliber and .380 ammunition, and that he possessed the firearms in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime.

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Wisconsin Spelling Legend Maya Jadhav Reflects On Her Great Journey To Scripps National Spelling Bee

Having participated in four Scripps National Spelling Bees, Maya Jadhav can look back on her competitive spelling career and appreciate the great journey she has been on.

"I didn’t have any idea what I was doing in fourth grade," she said. "But I think it got easier as I got to know more spellers and I became part of the spelling community."

The eighth grader competed in her final national bee last week, when she lost on the word "branzino," which she described as a type of meat from a fish.

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