Morning Headlines - Friday, Oct. 13, 2023

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Morning Headlines - Friday, Oct. 13, 2023

U.S. and World Headlines

Israel Drops Flyers Telling 1.1 Million In Northern Gaza To Flee 'Immediately' After Giving 24-Hour Deadline

Israel has dropped flyers over northern Gaza ordering more than one million people to 'evacuate your homes immediately' and flee south ahead of a feared Israeli ground offensive aimed at eradicating the Hamas terrorist group.

The order, first issued this morning, has sparked widespread panic among civilians already struggling under Israeli airstrikes and a blockade, while the UN called such an evacuation an 'impossible', saying it would turn a tragedy into calamity.

Palestine's health minister also warned that Gaza is facing a humanitarian and health catastrophe and urged all countries and human rights groups to help with the immediate entry of medical and emergency aid to the enclave.

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US Readies Forces, But Plays Down Potential For Troops In Gaza

The United States is reportedly putting special operations forces on alert and moving major military assets in response to the Israel-Hamas war; however, both the Biden administration and experts this week played down the possibility that America could put boots on the ground in Gaza.

Inserting American troops into the fight between Israel and Hamas would introduce new risk into an already volatile situation as Jerusalem weighs a ground invasion into the Gaza Strip. It’s a situation the American public and U.S. military has little appetite for, but one that President Biden should be prepared for nonetheless, experts say.

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GOP Leadership Crisis Deepens As House Remains Paralyzed With No End In Sight To Speaker’s Race

Republicans are confronting a deepening leadership crisis that has left the House paralyzed with no clear path to elect a new speaker, after an effort to replace Kevin McCarthy following his historic ouster was derailed by entrenched opposition and deep divisions within the party.

By failing to coalesce behind a candidate, Republicans have plunged the House into uncharted territory and effectively frozen the chamber at a time when major international and domestic crises loom, from Israel’s war against Hamas to a potential government shutdown in mid-November.

As House Republicans struggle to govern, the party suffered another black eye Thursday evening when Majority Leader Steve Scalise abruptly withdrew from the speaker’s race amid hardened opposition from more than a dozen holdouts. The problem for the House GOP is that it’s not clear anyone can lock down the 217 votes needed to win the gavel, raising questions over how and when the standoff over the speakership will last and at what cost.

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5 Officers Shot In East Central Minnesota, Suspect Taken Into Custody Hours Later

A suspect has been taken into custody hours after a shooting that injured five officers in Minnesota's Benton County Thursday morning.

According to the Benton County Sheriff's Office, all five shot are members of the Sherburne County Drug Task Force. They are all expected to survive.

"This has been a difficult day. And we are grateful that the incident did not result in further injury or in loss of life," Benton County Sheriff Troy Heck said. "We are also grateful for the bravery and professionalism of all the law enforcement personnel involved in this incident."

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Rare 'Ring Of Fire' Solar Eclipse Will Cross The U.S. On Saturday: Here's How To See It

A spectacular solar eclipse will be visible across the entire continental U.S. this weekend, offering people from coast to coast the chance to see the moon take a “bite” out of the sun and affording lucky sky-watchers in nine states the opportunity to witness a rare “ring of fire” in the sky.

The astronomical event will take place Saturday. Weather permitting, sky-watchers in Oregon, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and Texas, as well as slivers of California, Idaho, Colorado and Arizona, will be able to see the moon almost completely cover the sun, creating the effect of a fiery, orange-hued ring around the moon’s shadow. In all other states in the continental U.S., viewers will be treated to a partial solar eclipse, with the moon obscuring only part of the sun in the sky.

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Wisconsin Headlines

Wisconsin Assembly Approves Transgender Sports Restrictions, Gender-Affirming Surgery Ban

The Republican-controlled Wisconsin Assembly signed off Oct. 12 on contentious legislation limiting transgender youth participation on sports teams and outlawing gender-affirming surgery for minors despite Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ vow to veto proposals.

GOP legislators across the United States want to limit the rights of transgender youths, sparking fierce pushback from the transgender community and triggering discrimination lawsuits along the way. Now the battle has come to Wisconsin.

The legislation goes next to the Republican-controlled state Senate. If that chamber passes the package it would go next to Evers, who has promised the bills will never become law.

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Republicans Tweak Brewers Stadium Repair Plan To Cut The Total Public Contribution By $54 Million

Republican legislators in Wisconsin announced Thursday that they have scaled back their plan to help fund repairs at the Milwaukee Brewers' stadium by $54 million, clearing the way for a vote on the state Assembly floor next week.

Reports commissioned by the Brewers and another by a state consultant found American Family Field's glass outfield doors, seats and concourses should be replaced, its luxury suites and technology such as its sound system and video scoreboard need upgrades, and its signature retractable roof needs repairs. Fire suppression systems, parking lots, elevators and escalators need work, too.

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Co-Sponsor Clarifies Latest Version Of Bill 312 Regarding PFAS

After a Wisconsin state senate committee advanced a bill to deal with water contamination from PFAS forever chemicals around the state, some advocates are still concerned whether or not the parties responsible for the pollution would be held liable.

One of the co-sponsors of Bill 312, Republican State Senator Eric Wimberger said over the last three months there were concerns about what the bill needed to address.

"The entire purpose of Bill 312 was to curb some of those DNR powers that punish landowners," Wimberger said.

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Van Orden Curses During White House Briefing

A Wisconsin congressman is again being accused of inappropriate behavior. Politico reports that during a Wednesday White House briefing on the Israel/Hamas war, 3rd District Republican Derrick Van Orden cursed directly at the briefers, prompting loud boos in the room.

Representative Dean Phillips shouted “shame on you” — and Van Orden reportedly dropped an f-bomb on the Minnesota Democrat, who is Jewish. In a statement, Van Orden did not address the allegations, but did accuse the Biden administration of minimizing Iran’s role in the Hamas attack.

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Ringling Bros. Circus Returns To Wisconsin, Where It Began In 1871

An American tradition with deep Wisconsin roots returns this weekend when the new Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus comes to Milwaukee.

With the performances at the Fiserv Forum, Milwaukee will be the third city to see the new show after a hiatus of more than six years. Facing declining ticket sales and large overhead costs, along with a change in public attitudes toward performing animals and clowns, the iconic brand last toured in 2017.

This time around, the show promises never-before-seen stunts, comedy, live music, and aerial and acrobatic performances.

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