Morning Headlines - Monday, Apr. 10, 2023

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Morning Headlines - Monday, Apr. 10, 2023

U.S. and World Headlines

Leaked Pentagon Papers Predict Ukrainian's Air Defenses Will Be Exhausted By May 23

Ukraine's air defense systems could be depleted by the beginning of next month amid heavy fighting against Russian forces, according to what appear to be leaked Pentagon documents.

A large cache of supposedly highly classified Pentagon documents have appeared online in recent days, with details including how Ukraine's S-300 air defense systems could run out of missiles and ammunition by May 2 at the current usage rate.

The documents also detailed how Ukraine's air defenses protecting Ukrainian troops on the front line could be 'completely reduced' by May 23.

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Key Takeaways From Major US Intelligence Leak

A trove of purported Pentagon documents have appeared online in recent days, revealing information ranging from U.S. assessments of the Russia-Ukraine war to intel on how America may be spying on adversaries and allies.

The source of the leaks is not yet clear. Reuters reported that three unnamed U.S. officials said Russia or pro-Russian elements are likely behind at least the first batch of leaks.

Here’s what we do know so far about the documents:

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GOP Embraces A New Foreign Policy: Bomb Mexico To Stop Fentanyl

A growing number of prominent Republicans are rallying around the idea that to solve the fentanyl crisis, America must bomb it away.

In recent weeks, Donald Trump has discussed sending “special forces” and using “cyber warfare” to target cartel leaders if he’s reelected president and, per Rolling Stone, asked for “battle plans” to strike Mexico. Reps. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) and Mike Waltz (R-Fla.) introduced a bill seeking authorization for the use of military force to “put us at war with the cartels.” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) said he is open to sending U.S. troops into Mexico to target drug lords even without that nation’s permission.

And lawmakers in both chambers have filed legislation to label some cartels as foreign terrorist organizations, a move supported by GOP presidential aspirants.

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Religion In Movies: Why ‘Hollywood Is Taking Notice’ Of Faith-Based Films

Director David Helling’s feature directorial debut was far from a leap of faith. It was a calling.

Helling, a former U.S. Marine who served during the Iraq war, showcases the Biblical story of Abraham and Isaac in his film "His Only Son." The first-time director spoke with Fox News Digital about why he wanted to tackle one of the most "controversial" Scriptures amid the growing interest in faith-based films.

"My reason for wanting to do ‘His Only Son’ is to give an answer to the scoffers and the skeptics, for one, and to give a defense to believers that they could then answer the skeptics in their own lives," Helling said.

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Fox News Reaches Settlement With Venezuelan Businessman In Election Defamation Case

Fox News has settled a defamation lawsuit from a Venezuelan businessman who had accused the network of making false claims about him and the 2020 election, attorneys for the man and Fox News said Saturday in a court filing.

The details of the settlement were not made public.

“This matter has been resolved amicably by both sides,” a Fox News spokesperson said Sunday, declining further comment.

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Wisconsin Headlines

Report: Wisconsin Flat Tax Plan Would Give Over 100K In Tax Cuts To Top Earners

A proposed flat income tax by a top Republican lawmaker would give an average tax cut of over $100,000 to the wealthiest Wisconsinites, according to a new report by the Wisconsin Policy Forum.

Meanwhile, Democratic Gov. Tony Evers' tax proposal would mean Wisconsin residents who make more than $1 million in adjusted gross income would see an average tax increase of nearly $40,000.

But it's unlikely either plan will pass, as the Republican co-chairs of the state's budget committee said in February they don't plan to pass a flat tax as part of the biennial budget. Evers has also called the idea of a flat tax a "poison pill" for the budget.

The GOP-controlled Legislature is also unlikely to approve Evers' tax proposal.

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Another New Area Code Coming To Wisconsin In May

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, also known as the PSC, announced on Friday that a new, additional area code will be coming to the area where the 920 area code is now in service. The area includes communities such as Appleton, Beaver Dam, Berlin, Fond du Lac, Fort Atkinson, Green Bay, Manitowoc, Oshkosh, Ripon, Sheboygan, Sturgeon Bay, and Watertown.

The PSC says the 920 area code is expected to run out of assignable prefixes (the three numbers in a phone number following the area code) by the first quarter of 2024. The new 274 area code will be used to provide telephone numbers to new customers. All current customers will retain their existing telephone numbers and will continue to dial and receive calls without change.

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Wisconsin Race Cements Abortion As Galvanizing Issue For Democrats

Wisconsin’s Supreme Court victory has underscored the strength of abortion messaging for Democrats, putting to rest an internal party debate about how prominently to elevate the topic during elections.

Ahead of last fall’s midterms, Democrats were at odds about making reproductive rights part of their closing message to voters, with some arguing that they should emphasize economic issues instead, and others saying the two are intertwined.

But with major victories in November and on Tuesday night under their belts, progressives and moderates are coalescing around a strategy for 2024 that puts a pro-choice platform front and center, and, they hope, puts Republicans on the defensive.

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Pollster Franklin Says Protasiewicz’ Strategy Could Become National Template For High Court Races

Marquette University Law School Poll Director Charles Franklin predicts Wisconsin’s Supreme Court race will be the template for high court races across the country over the next year, as abortion remains a salient issue for voters.

“Nothing succeeds like success,” he said.

Franklin at today’s WisPolitics.com luncheon argued big money, high-profile issues and liberal Supreme Court candidate Janet Protasiewicz’s willingness to discuss her views helped her come out ahead. The challenge for future candidates will be deciding how far to go on signaling where they will stand on issues that may come before the court.

“There is this line about predefining cases, and where is the boundary between how you talk about issues and what that means for prejudicing cases that will come before you,” he said. “And that’ll be a lively topic, I predict.”

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Wisconsin Republicans Now Have Impeachment Power. Here's How The Process Works

Wisconsin presented a tale of two elections Tuesday — one that captured a liberal majority on the state Supreme Court for the first time in 15 years, and another that seemingly threatened to take that victory back.

In the court race, voters sent Milwaukee County Judge Janet Protasiewicz to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. In the other race, a special election, voters chose state Rep. Dan Knodl, a Republican from Germantown, to fill a vacant seat in 8th state Senate district.

Knodl's win was significant for another reason: It gave Republicans a two-thirds majority in the Senate, a margin that would let them remove officials from office after they're impeached. And weeks before the election, Knodl said he'd consider using that power to impeach Protasiewicz.

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