Morning Headlines - Monday, Aug. 21, 2023

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Morning Headlines - Monday, Aug. 21, 2023

U.S. and World Headlines

Poll Finds Trump's Big Lead Grows, As GOP Voters Dismiss Indictments

Well, there's no debate about this: Right now, the Republican Party would easily re-nominate Donald Trump for 2024. And it's not close.

The former president now holds his largest lead over his rivals in our polling amid his recent legal troubles. In fact, most of his voters cite those troubles as yet one more reason to show him support.

His nearest  — but not too near — rival Ron DeSantis has fallen even further back. Everyone else is in single digits.

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5 House Lawmakers To Watch In The Battle Over Government Funding

The fight over government funding will be top of mind for Congress when lawmakers return to Washington next month, as the Sept. 30 shutdown deadline looms over Capitol Hill.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) told members last week that the House will likely have to pass a continuing resolution to keep the government running past that deadline, but the path to clearing such a measure is full of stumbling blocks.

Some Republicans are pushing for stronger border security, others want to see funding for the Justice Department slashed in response to former President Trump’s indictments, and conservatives are continuing their crusade for steeper spending cuts. There is also the question of funding for Ukraine, after the White House unveiled a supplemental request that includes $24 billion for Kyiv as its war against Russia drags on.

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Firearms Killed A Record Number Of Children In 2021, Study Finds

Gun-related deaths among children in the U.S. reached a distressing peak in 2021, claiming 4,752 young lives and surpassing the record total seen during the first year of the pandemic, a new analysis of data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found.

The alarming statistic clearly indicated that America’s gun violence epidemic has gotten worse, experts say.

More than 80% of the gun deaths were among males 19 and younger. Black male children were more likely to die from homicide. White males 19 and younger were more likely to kill themselves with guns.

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Huge Backlog Of 200 Ships Stuck Trying To Enter Panama Canal; Delays Could Cause Spike In US Grocery And Parcel Prices

More than 200 ships are stuck on both sides of the Panama Canal after authorities capped the number of crossings because of a serious drought.

The number of daily transits through the canal has been capped at 32 by water authorities in a bid to conserve water.

The large vessels, thought to be carrying millions of dollars worth of goods, are locked in a traffic jam with some waiting for weeks to cross.

Panama is set to lose $200million in revenue from the delays and it could cause a spike in US grocery and parcel prices as extra fees are hiked on to shipping costs.

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Medical Debt Is Squeezing Millions Of Middle-Class Americans, Report Says

Middle-class Americans are the most likely to be saddled with medical debt, with nearly 1 in 4 or roughly 17 million people — having unpaid medical bills, according to a report shared first with Axios from center-left think tank Third Way.

Middle-income Americans, who earn $50,000-$100,000 a year, are more likely than those with lower incomes to seek care but don't qualify for Medicaid or charity care to help pay for it.

An estimated 23.5% of those in the middle class have unpaid medical bills, as do 22% of those with lower incomes. The rate is about half (13%) for those at higher income levels, who tend to have better health insurance coverage.

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Wisconsin Headlines

Trump Plans To Skip First 2024 Republican Primary Debate In Wisconsin

Former President Donald Trump now plans to skip the first 2024 Republican presidential primary debate, which will take place next week in Milwaukee, according to sources familiar with the planning.

The former president, who has been hinting that he would leave the debate stage to his opponents this time around, has instead sat for a pre-recorded interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson that could run during the debate, according to sources familiar with the planning. The timing for the airing of the Trump-Carlson interview has not been finalized yet, according to the sources.

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The GOP Presidential Debate Puts A Spotlight On Wisconsin, One Of The Few Remaining Swing States

When Republican candidates for president gather for their first debate Wednesday in Milwaukee, the spotlight will not only be on them but also on Wisconsin’s role as one of a shrinking handful of genuine battleground states.

Republicans chose Milwaukee for the first debate and for the national convention in just 11 months largely because of Wisconsin’s well-earned status as a swing state. Four of the past six presidential elections have been decided by less than a percentage point here, with Donald Trump winning narrowly in 2016 before losing by a similar margin in 2020.

“Everybody needs to be prepared for all-out war as usual,” said longtime Republican strategist Stephan Thompson.

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Nine Shot In Milwaukee Mass Shooting Saturday Night

Nine people were shot and injured in a mass shooting near 14th and Burnham Saturday night, according to Milwaukee police.

According to a statement from Milwaukee police, the victims include 6 males and 3 females. Their ages range from 16 to 42 years old. All of them are expected to survive, MPD said.

On Sunday, police said a 22-year-old Milwaukee man was taken into custody regarding the shooting and that a firearm was recovered.

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ICYMI: 'Even If We Win, We Lose:' Wisconsin News Site Raises Money For Legal Fees After Politician Sues For Defamation

A nonprofit news site in central Wisconsin is raising money to help cover its legal fees after being sued by a politician.

Earlier this year, a Marathon County judge dismissed a lawsuit filed in 2021 by Mosinee businessman Cory Tomczyk.

Tomczyk, who's now a Republican state senator representing the 29th District, accused the Wausau Pilot & Review of defamation after it reported that he was overheard using an anti-gay slur against a teenager while in the audience at a Marathon County Executive Committee meeting.

Despite the publication's victory in circuit court, Pilot & Review Publisher Shereen Siewert said it's racked up between $150,000 and $200,000 in legal bills. Those expenses were enough to put the small news outlet in danger of shutting down, Siewert said.

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Mom Finds Snakes While Staying At Wisconsin Hotel With 4-Year-Old Son

Guests staying at a Wisconsin hotel found they had some unwelcome patrons joining them in the pool, hot tub and hallways – snakes.

While getting ready to take a dip in her hotel’s pool last Saturday, Michelle Griese said she discovered snakes in the pool and hot tub.

“Sure enough, I go in, and there’s a snake in the hot tub,” she said.

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