Morning Headlines - Monday, Jun. 27, 2022

U.S. & World and Wisconsin trending headlines, and today's daily meme.

Morning Headlines - Monday, Jun. 27, 2022

U.S. and World Headlines

9 Democratic Primaries To Watch In Illinois And New York

By the end of the day on Tuesday, 29.5 states will have held their 2022 primary elections. But we still have to get through Tuesday first! On June 28, voters in Colorado, Illinois, New York, Oklahoma and Utah head to the polls for primaries; Mississippi and South Carolina will also hold runoff elections; and Nebraska will even be holding a special election.

There are dozens of races to watch, so we’ll be bringing them to you in two parts, starting with all the Democratic primaries of note on the ballot this week. And there’s truly something for everyone: an incumbent running against an incumbent. Several progressive-versus-moderate skirmishes. The cryptocurrency industry trying to pick sides. Multiple chances to elect new female, nonwhite or LGBT candidates to Congress. Let’s dive right in!

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Democrats Bet On Roe's Ballot Power

Democrats are grabbing the Roe reversal as a lifeline ahead of November's midterms. Republicans want to keep talking about inflation.

This is an unusual case where the losing side wants to talk all about it. The winning side wants the spotlight elsewhere.

Axios got a first look at websites that Democrats' House and Senate campaign arms launched Monday — less than 72 hours after the Supreme Court ruling — blasting GOP candidates' abortion records.

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Thomas Opinion Strikes Fear In Democrats Over How Far Court Will Go

Justice Clarence Thomas’ concurrent opinion calling on the Supreme Court to reconsider landmark cases protecting access to contraceptives and LGBTQ rights is striking fear among Democrats, with many worried about how far the conservative court will go after it took the extraordinary step of reversing Roe v. Wade.

In his concurring opinion to Friday’s ruling, Thomas wrote that “in future cases, we should reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents,” arguing that the Constitution’s Due Process Clause did not secure a right to abortion or any other substantive rights.

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Kamala Harris Tweet On Abortion Rights Slammed By Liberals: ‘Literally The Embodiment Of Thoughts And Prayers’

On her official vice president Twitter account, Harris posted an image of herself watching CNN’s coverage of pro-choice protests while flying on Air Force 2.

"I know there are women out there who are afraid. To those of you who feel alone and scared: I want you to know the President and I are fighting for you and your rights. We are in this fight together," Harris tweeted.

Although several other Democrat politicians denounced the court’s decision, many liberal Twitter users called out Harris’ tweet as being too vague and meaningless.

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Today Is National PTSD Awareness Day

On June 27, we talk about PTSD, a complex disorder caused by experiencing or witnessing trauma. The trauma necessary to cause PTSD can originate from many events — potentially an accident, combat, a natural disaster, or an assault — but there are other ways PTSD symptoms can arise. A trained professional must diagnose PTSD, based on symptoms like hypervigilance, mood swings, recurring and involuntary flashbacks to the trauma, and avoidance. The National Center for PTSD declared all of June to be PTSD Awareness month — you can help their campaign by educating yourself and others about the illness, and sharing help with those who might need it.

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Wisconsin Headlines

Protesters Gather At The State Capitol After Supreme Court Overturns Roe V. Wade

Crowds estimated at more than one thousand gathered at the state capitol in Madison on June 24 for more than four hours to protest the United States Supreme Court overruling Roe v. Wade, which makes nearly all abortions illegal in Wisconsin. An 1849 law criminalizing abortion is now in effect for Wisconsin, which only provides an exception for medically necessary abortions to save the mothers life. That law had been unenforceable since 1973 under the Supreme Court’s Roe decision. 

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Madison Felon Sentenced To 2 Years For Illegal Gun Possession

James McGowan, Jr., 23, Madison, Wisconsin was sentenced yesterday by Chief U.S. District Judge James Peterson to 2 years in prison for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

McGowan pleaded guilty to this charge on March 30, 2022.

On September 20, 2021, McGowan was a convicted felon and had been released on bail in four state cases with charges including felon in possession of a firearm, felony bail jumping, armed robbery, drug possession, and third-degree sexual assault.  Madison police officers were looking for McGowan because he had multiple warrants for his arrest and located him in an apartment parking garage. McGowan attempted to flee from the officers, resisted arrest, and had a loaded 9mm handgun in his waistband.

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Democrats Running For Wisconsin's U.S. Senate Seat Focus On Roe, Jobs, Voting In State Convention

Wisconsin Democrats met in La Crosse Sunday, just two days after the U.S. Supreme Court's landmark decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, changing the political landscape around abortion.

It was a big issue at their Democratic State Convention, but not the only issue for U.S. Senate candidates running to take on Republican Senator Ron Johnson.

The speeches were short and specific with each candidate getting five minutes to make their case to voters in the room and around the state.

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Wisconsin Paper Slams Ron Johnson After Vote Against Gun Safety Bill

The Wisconsin State Journal, the state's second largest newspaper based out of Madison, criticized the senator in an editorial titled "Ron Johnson votes against public safety."

The editorial accused Johnson of being "dismissive and hatching excuses for voting 'no'" on the legislation. It also pointed out that the bill includes a national program to discuss best practices for securing schools, which Johnson has supported in the past.

"He has no credibility when it comes to good-government procedures. And by comparison, the gun safety law is honorable and transparent," the editorial wrote.

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Dem Conventioneers Narrowly Back Barnes Over Godlewski In Straw Poll

Democratic Party of Wisconsin conventioneers voting in a WisPolitics.com straw poll narrowly backed Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes over state Treasurer Sarah Godlewski for the party’s 2022 U.S. Senate nomination.

Barnes was favored by 121, or 32.4 percent, of the 373 delegates and registered guests who cast a vote for U.S. Senate in the straw poll, while Godlewski was backed by 119, or 31.9 percent.

Alex Lasry, on leave from his job with the Milwaukee Bucks, was third at 15.5 percent, while Outagamie County Exec Tom Nelson was fourth at 9.4 percent.

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